In “Seeing Gender,” anarchist novelist, poet, and playwright Kathy Acker tells us that when she was a child, the only thing she wanted to be was a pirate.1 Pirates could send men down the plank, see the sights on the high seas, and swing from the yardarms. Pirates could be who they wanted to be. Acker tells us that pirates could be and do these things because pirates lived in books and, just as importantly, pirates were not girls wearing girdles and white gloves and dead in/to the world. Pirates existed in the living world, and because of this, pirates had fun.2 

When Acker grew up, she still wanted to be, still wanted to live with, the pirates (and she did of course and she still is a pirate in the living world to many of us). She writes:

In the piece that opens this issue of Departures...

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