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Current Issue
Volume 10,
Issue 4
Winter 2021
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Joëlle M. Cruz
In this essay, I channel Kweku Ananse, the trickster in West African tales. Extending upon this figure, I re-gender Kweku Ananse as Akua Ananse and offer “spider stories” to make sense of my transnational identities as a West African and French ...
Carmen G. Hernández-Ojeda
As a researcher in the United States, I became a diasporic colonize(d)(r) scholar—a colonized colonizer subject. In order to understand my camino and self-decolonize, I undertake an autoethnographic process to scrutinize my identity within the ...
Robert J. Razzante
Those who benefit from privilege often fail to understand the inner workings of their privilege. If they do, they can respond in various ways: abuse their privilege, continue to ignore it, become more self-reflexive with their actions, and more. ...
Michael L. Zirulnik, Mark P. Orbe
Utilizing phenomenological creative nonfiction, this study explores the communicative experiences of an African American female military pilot on the flight deck and within the civil, commercial aviation industry. Presented in narrative form, the ...

About the Journal

Departures in Critical Qualitative Research (formerly Qualitative Communication Research) publishes innovative, experimental, aesthetic, and provocative works on the theories, practices, and possibilities of critical qualitative research. Departures is a forum for scholars in diverse disciplines to converse on, contest, and creatively reimagine the form, purpose, and mission of their work. The journal seeks works charting scholarly and theoretical developments in critical qualitative research, exemplars of methodological innovation, and inventive demonstrations of research as an aesthetic intervention and mode of critique.

eISSN: 2333-9497

Published Quarterly – March, June, September, December

Editor: Kakali Bhattacharya, University of Florida

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