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Current History (2023) 122 (846): 249–254.
Published: 01 October 2023
...Anna Wylegała Ukrainians displaced by the current Russian invasion frequently turn to family memories of a previous war to understand and cope with their situation. In an oral history project, Ukrainian refugees often compared Russian actions to World War II–era war crimes perpetrated in Ukraine...
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Current History (2022) 121 (839): 344–349.
Published: 01 December 2022
... these entanglements unfold in the country’s southernmost border province, Hatay, which was controversially annexed from French Mandate Syria in 1939. © 2022 by The Regents of the University of California 2022 Syria Turkey refugees migration borders citizenship More than a decade after the outbreak...
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Current History (2020) 119 (821): 349–355.
Published: 19 November 2020
...Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh; Yousif M. Qasmiyeh Palestinian refugee camps, long established in Lebanon, have become havens for people from other nationalities as well, most recently Syrians who fled the civil war. Accustomed to neglect or outright hostility from Lebanese officials, camp residents have...
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Current History (2020) 119 (820): 297–302.
Published: 20 October 2020
...Luisa Feline Freier; Soledad Castillo Jara; Marta Luzes Forced migrants and refugees are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in different and often more profound ways than local populations. This article examines the multilayered vulnerabilities these groups face due to forced immobility, precarious...
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Current History (2019) 118 (809): 222–228.
Published: 01 September 2019
... The Regents of the University of California Australia migration politics elections refugees Indon 222 [T]he idea that being tough on asylum wins elections has become one of the great enduring myths of Australian politics, and apparently both major parties have decided that the stakes are too...
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Current History (2019) 118 (809): 215–221.
Published: 01 September 2019
... migration refugees South Korea Peru Brazil NGOS 215 [T]he government opted for piecemeal solutions that would temporarily meet domestic needs for labor while maintaining official closed-door policies. Japan s Model of Immigration Without Immigrants ERIN AERAN CHUNG On November 27, 2018, the Diet...
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Current History (2019) 118 (807): 149–153.
Published: 01 April 2019
... refugees Myanmar military junta Burma Bangladesh British Empire colonialism migration Buddhists Muslims Rakhine ethnic cleansing genocide Aung San Suu Kyi 149 Myanmar has consolidated its impunity, making its crimes a fait accompli. To do so, it first destabilized the legitimacy...
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Current History (2019) 118 (805): 56–61.
Published: 01 February 2019
... Nicolas Parent Venezuela refugees asylum law immigration migrants Hugo Chávez Nicolás Maduro Colombia Peru Ecuador Brazil Cartagena Declaration 56 [T]he Venezuelan displacement crisis is a crucial test of the liberal immigration policies that have been adopted across Latin America...
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Current History (2019) 118 (804): 22–28.
Published: 01 January 2019
...Martin Ruhs New policy designs will need to have an explicit dual purpose, combining the objectives of labor migration and humanitarian protection. © 2019 Current History. All rights reserved. 2019 The Regents of the University of California Martin Ruhs refugee crisis refugees labor...
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Current History (2018) 117 (803): 331–337.
Published: 01 December 2018
... Ghosn Syria civil war refugees sanctions drought Bashar al-Assad reconstruction reconciliation Turkey Lebanon Russia Iran Arab Spring 331 When the guns finally fall silent, the road to recovery in Syria will be long, bumpy, and treacherous. Post-conflict reconstruction, reparations...
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Current History (2018) 117 (799): 175–180.
Published: 01 May 2018
... of California Nicole Hirt Africa North Africa Horn Africa migration human trafficking refugees Libya Sudan Eritrea Ethiopia European Union Spain Italy Israel authoritarian rulers Muammar el-Qaddafi Omar al-Bashir 175 In the long run, a policy whose main focus is on improving so...
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Current History (2018) 117 (798): 129–134.
Published: 01 April 2018
... refugees terrorism genocide ethnic cleansing Buddhist Muslim Aung San Suu Kyi South Asia 129 Bangladesh has neither the military nor the diplomatic power to force a solution on Myanmar. Bangladesh Copes With the Rohingya Crisis By Itself NAVINE MURSHID Growing up in Bangladesh in the 1980s...
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Current History (2018) 117 (797): 114–116.
Published: 01 March 2018
... of California David Art xenophobia nationalism Germany Austria Switzerland Austrian Freedom Party Austrian People's Party Sebastian Kurz Alternative Germany Swiss People's Party European Union immigration refugees PERSPECTIVE The Radical Right s Gains in the Heart of Europe DAVID...
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Current History (2017) 116 (794): 337–341.
Published: 01 December 2017
... The memory of the ties among the region s peoples under the Ottoman Empire has played a part in the kind of reception Syrians have received in their neighbor- ing places of refuge. How Syria s Neighbors Have Treated Its Refugees DAWN CHATTY The Syrian humanitarian disaster is well into its seventh year...
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Current History (2017) 116 (792): 264–270.
Published: 01 October 2017
... of the region that pro-Russian fighters who seek to weaken Kiev s influence have the resources and connections to bypass the posts. Inhabitants of the ATO and the occupied terri- tories, like those in refugee camps, are excluded by the new extralegal order of the conflict from some but not all of the basic...
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Current History (2017) 116 (790): 189–193.
Published: 01 May 2017
.... 2017 The Regents of the University of California Susannax Wing Mali Tuareg Islamists France intervention coup peacekeeping United Nations refugees corruption governance 189 The surge of resources devoted to antiterrorism has not only been ineffective. It has diverted attention...
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Current History (2017) 116 (786): 38–39.
Published: 01 January 2017
... tenets of the EU response to the Mediterranean refugee and migration crisis. Ac- cording to the Oxford sociologist Bridget Ander- son, the language of harm prevention is frequently adopted by Western states as a device to control migration, so they can claim to be acting in the best interests of migrants...
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Current History (2016) 115 (784): 322–324.
Published: 01 November 2016
...Maria Koinova The kind of support refugees receive to help them deal with the stresses of displacement can determine whether they will be a constructive or a divisive force. © 2016 Current History. All rights reserved. 2016 The Regents of the University of California Maria Koinova...
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Current History (2016) 115 (777): 10–16.
Published: 01 January 2016
...Gallya Lahav The refugee crises … amount to an emerging global challenge facing almost all industrialized liberal democracies, pitting their humanitarian norms against materialist values. © 2020 Current History. All rights reserved. 2020 The Regents of the University of California Gallya...