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Current History Virtual Issue on Rising Inequality

Inequality stirs controversy in developing and advanced economies. Perceptions of unfair disparities in incomes and opportunities can undermine the legitimacy of both authoritarian and democratic governments. Yet the problem is more complex than many on the right or left care to admit. Once it reaches certain levels, income inequality impedes economic growth; at other times it seems an unavoidable trade-off in the pursuit of growth. Finding the proper balance is more than a question of economic theory; it’s a moral and political dilemma. This collection of previously published Current History articles illustrates how various regions of the world have struggled with the economics and politics of inequality.

The Inequality Challenge
Volume 112, Number 750, January 2013
Uri Dadush and Kemal Dervis

China’s Post-Socialist Inequality
Volume 111, Number 746, September 2012
Martin King Whyte

Inequality: The Russian Experience
Volume 111, Number 747, October 2012
Daniel Treisman

Equality and Authoritarianism in the Arab World
Volume 111, Number 749, December 2012
Ahmed Galal

Latin America’s Inequality Success Story
Volume 112, Number 751, February 2013
Nora Lustig

The End of Equality in Europe?
Volume 112, Number 752, March 2013
Jason Beckfield

India’s Inequality: An Uneasy Reconciliation with Economic Growth
Volume 112, Number 753, April 2013
Roberto Zagha

Making the Most of Africa’s Growth
Volume 112, Number 754, May 2013
Luc Christiaensen and Shantayanan Devarajan
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