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Current History Virtual Issue on Resurgent Nationalism

Nationalism has been dismissed by some as a spent force—a relic no longer relevant to a modern world shaped by the forces of globalization. Yet nationalism has proved unexpectedly resilient of late, still capable of igniting passions—and conflicts—everywhere from Scotland to Sudan, from eastern Ukraine to the South China Sea. This collection of previously published Current History articles examines the phenomenon of resurgent nationalism and the ways in which it has manifested itself in different regions of the world.

The Global Crisis of the Nation-State
Volume 114, Number 768, January 2015
Aviel Roshwald

History’s Unfinished Business in East Asia
Volume 113, Number 764, September 2014
Rana Mitter

Russian Nationalism and Ukraine
Volume 113, Number 765, October 2014
Marlene Laruelle

Kurdish Nationalism’s Moment of Truth?
Volume 113, Number 767, December 2014
Michael Eppel

Nationalism and Globalization in Latin America
Volume 114, Number 769, February 2015
James Siekmeier

Europe’s Embers of Nationalism
Volume 114, Number 770, March 2015
Brendan O’Leary

South Asia in Dark Times: Homogenizing Nation-States and the Problem of Minorities
Volume 114, Number 771, April 2015
Vazira Zamindar

The Varieties of Nationalism in Africa
Volume 114, Number 772, May 2015
Sara Rich Dorman

The Many Meanings of National Self-Determination
Volume 113, Number 766, November 2014
Brad Simpson
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