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Current History Virtual Issue on Labor Shifts

Around the world, labor is in an ever more precarious state. Global supply chains have shifted manufacturing jobs to low-cost regions. This has fueled inequality and populist politics in the United States and Europe. But the disruptive effects of globalization are not only felt in the West. In both developed and developing nations, more and more workers are shut out of secure employment, consigned to temporary jobs or the informal economy. This collection of previously published Current History articles addresses trends in labor shifts in various regions of the word.

Migrant Workers’ Fight for Rights in China
Volume 115, Number 782, September 2016
Anita Chan

Working-Class Resilience in Russia
Volume 115, Number 783, October 2016
Jeremy Morris

Labor’s Role in the Arab Uprisings and Beyond
Volume 115, Number 785, December 2016
Ian M. Hartshorn

Labor Rights in the Age of Global Supply Chains
Volume 116, Number 786, January 2017
Layna Mosley

The Challenges of Formalizing Labor in Latin America
Volume 116, Number 787, February 2017
Matthew E. Carnes

Labor’s Travails in Postcommunist Eastern Europe
Volume 116, Number 788, March 2017
Rudra Sil

India’s Weakened Unions Face a Push for Reform
Volume 116, Number 789, April 2017
Emmanuel Teitelbaum

South Africa’s Divided Working-Class Movements
Volume 116, Number 790, May 2017
Marcel Paret
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