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Current History Virtual Issue on Climate Change

Climate change is accelerating. International efforts to respond have been largely devoted to negotiating pacts such as the Paris Agreement, intended to limit carbon emissions and thereby prevent catastrophic temperature increases over the coming decades. But these measures may not be enough on their own, even if countries live up to their nonbinding commitments—and the withdrawal of the United States from the agreement makes that less likely. Given these realities, the question of adaptation to climate change will become ever more important.

How are governments and local communities responding to the climate impacts that are already upon them? How can they adapt livelihoods and infrastructure to an invisible but potentially existential threat? This collection of previously published Current History articles addresses various aspects of climate change response and adaptation.

Vietnam’s Urgent Task: Adapting to Climate Change
Volume 116, Number 791, September 2017
Pamela McElwee

Climate Change Adaptation and Traditional Cultures in Northern Russia
Volume 116, Number 792, October 2017
Susan Crate

The High Stakes of Climate Adaptation in the Middle East and North Africa
Volume 116, Number 794, December 2017
Jeannie Sowers

The Right Way to Build Resilience to Climate Change
Volume 117, Number 795, January 2018
Daniel P. Aldrich

Adapting to Climate Hazards in the Peruvian Andes
Volume 117, Number 796, February 2018
Mark Carey and Holly Moulton

The Push for Proactive Climate Adaptation in Europe
Volume 117, Number 797, March 2018
Laura Booth and Anthony Patt

Nepal’s Towering Climate Adaptation Challenges
Volume 117, Number 798, April 2018
Andrea J. Nightingale

Climate Adaptation and Water Scarcity in Africa
Volume 117, Number 799, May 2018
Gina Ziervogel
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