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Sustainability Section 


The Sustainability section of Case Studies in the Environment probes the goals, science, methodologies, performance, and feedback loops of initiatives around the world to promote ecologically sustainable development. Case studies spotlight the work of sub-national and non-state actors, including businesses, cities, neighborhoods, and NGOs, in utilizing scientific and technological advances as well as promoting sustainability management and practices. In line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, The scope of these cases includes, but is not limited to, clean energy, climate action, water quality and management, air quality and control, environment and health, responsible consumption and production, industry innovation, and sustainable communities and economic growth. Cases support researchers, educators, and practitioners by providing contents that deepen the knowledge of the scientific, management and policy challenges and opportunities presented by the ongoing search for science-based, economically viable paths to sustainability. Cases that discuss innovative pedagogy or enhance environmental education are also welcome.




Sustainability innovations in California agriculture: A Q&A with CSE authors Robin Marsh and Micah Elias


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