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Thank you for considering or agreeing to review together with us. Please take a moment to consult the above guidelines in preparation of your peer review, and feel free to contact us with questions.


Review a case




What questions do we ask?

In short, we will ask you to complete a peer-review form that consists of these fields:

  • Does the title appropriately reflect the subject and framing of the case? 
  • Does the author present the case study clearly? Is the significance of the case clear?
  • Does the manuscript adequately describe the wider context needed for drawing lessons from the case study?
  • Are the arguments set forth in the manuscript well supported?
  • Please comment on the manuscript's potential utility for teaching environmental science, studies, and policy concepts or for professional environmental practice.
  • Please comment on the clarity and usefulness of the Teaching Notes and/or Case Study Questions in providing teaching guidance. 
  • Please declare any relationships that may pose a conflict of interest for you as a reviewer
  • Comments to the Editor
  • Comments to the Author(s)
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