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Thank you for considering or agreeing to review together with us. Please take a moment to consult the above guidelines in preparation of your peer review, and feel free to contact us with questions.


Review a case



Become a reviewer


If you don't have time to author a case study of your own now, please consider providing reviewer feedback to case study authors who have submitted manuscripts for review. Please register to receive invitations to review case studies within your area of expertise as they become available. (Registration process takes 3-5 minutes; you will be asked to create a new account, then select your areas of expertise. If upon creating a new account you don't immediately receive an email verification, please check your spam folder.)


What questions do we ask?

In short, we will ask you to complete a peer-review form that consists of these fields:

  • Does the title appropriately reflect the subject and framing of the case? 
  • Does the author present the case study clearly? Is the significance of the case clear?
  • Does the manuscript adequately describe the wider context needed for drawing lessons from the case study?
  • Are the arguments set forth in the manuscript well supported?
  • Please comment on the manuscript's potential utility for teaching environmental science, studies, and policy concepts or for professional environmental practice.
  • Please comment on the clarity and usefulness of the Teaching Notes and/or Case Study Questions in providing teaching guidance. 
  • Please declare any relationships that may pose a conflict of interest for you as a reviewer
  • Comments to the Editor
  • Comments to the Author(s)
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