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Energy and the Environment Section 

Energy and the Environment

Demand for energy continues to grow as the level of economic development surges and levels of consumption increase. Supplying the world’s growing demand for energy and to those who lack energy access in a sustainable, yet equitable, way is one of the greatest challenges we face as humans. Several trends characterize the way energy is currently generated, used, and distributed, including the development of more sophisticated technologies for energy acquisition and procurement, the proliferation of renewable energy technologies, the implementation and acceptance of these technologies in local communities, the lack of energy access for vulnerable populations, our changing understanding of how we use and value energy, and the sometimes volatile geopolitics of energy—who supplies it, and the security of supply and delivery. The Energy and the Environment section of Case Studies in the Environment aims to publish case studies that pertain to all aspects of energy and the environment by researchers, academics, and practitioners for the benefit of teaching and training. We also accept proposals for special collections aimed at focusing on pertinent environmental and energy topics.


Energy Transitions: A Q&A with solar energy commodity chain researcher Dustin Mulvaney

A Q&A with Nina Lansbury Hall, winner of the 2017 Case Studies in the Environment Prize Competition

Who “Owns” Information when Environmental and Corporate Interests Clash?


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