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Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Section 

Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Climate change is one of society’s greatest challenges. We need to take action to address the drivers of human-induced greenhouse gas emissions (climate change mitigation) and concurrently make plans to adapt to the impacts of a changing climate (climate change adaptation). These mitigation and adaptation challenges are inherently transdisciplinary in nature and commonly involve not only elements of the natural environment but also people.

Case study analysis is a great way to learn from examples of climate change mitigation and adaptation. Case studies also provide a useful way of bounding the scope of climate change problems. This is important because climate change problems are typically very complex. By bounding the scope of the problem, we can effectively capture this complexity and better understand the associated challenges and opportunities. Climate change mitigation and adaptation case studies can include studies of the impacts of climate change on forests or marine ecosystems, on the productivity and resilience of farming systems, or on how people distribute and use energy, or on how people plan for impacts like sea-level rise. These case studies should appeal to a wide readership from multiple professions including environmental scientists, resource planners, policy-makers, sociologists, economists and ecologists.

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