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Special Collection: Case Studies in Energy Transitions

Dustin Mulvaney, San Jose State University, and Maria Petrova, Georgetown University, USA

The emphasis of this special collection of articles is case studies research and teaching activities about energy transitions—long term structural changes to energy systems, technologies, and patterns of use.

This curation of Case Studies in the Environment articles brings together papers that cover the core concepts, keywords, debates, best practices, techniques, tools, skills, and observations needed to improve our understandings of energy transitions. This special issue collection invites papers that engage with ideas and themes about energy transitions or that are incorporated into pedagogical activities. Examples topics in energy transitions include questions of temporal and spatial relevance on the magnitude of energy transitions, land use change, just transitions, life cycle assessment, finance/business, economics, behavioral concepts, socio-cultural change, policy tools and techniques, environmental justice issues, technological dependency, public participation, and carbon lock-in.

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