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Volume 6,
Issue 1
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Gibson Lainza Sosanika, Bernard Sule et al.
This study aims to analyze the occurrence and composition of ferns along an elevational gradient and among different forest types and disturbance regimes in Papua New Guinea (PNG). The assessment was conducted using the monitoring protocol of the ...
Olalekan Adekola, Margaret Gatonye et al.
The impact of climate change on the aquaculture sector, which both supports livelihoods and is a source of nutrition in Kenya, is of concern. This study seeks to assess how stakeholders understand the impact of climate change on the aquaculture ...
Stefanie Müller, Johannes Flacke et al.
Participatory mapping for landscape planning is gaining in popularity. With a participatory geographic information system, the local spatial knowledge of the affected public can be collected and included in planning decisions. For its proponents, ...
Matthew Houser
Improving the use efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer is one of the most effective ways to mitigate agriculture’s contributions to climate change and water-quality degradation. However, studies suggest that many farmers worldwide are exceeding ...
Prakash Tiwari, Elizabeth E. Perry et al.
Ecotourism holds promise of localized economic and environmental benefits. Yet, these benefits are often promoted in Nepal without assessing related challenges. Officials at Chitwan National Park plan to disperse tourism benefits and use more widely ...

About the Journal

Case Studies in the Environment is the only journal exclusively devoted to publishing peer-reviewed environmental case study articles, as well as articles that focus on the pedagogy of using studies for in-class instruction or other purposes. The journal’s overarching objective is to publish case studies that provide insights on critical environmental issues to students, educators, researchers, and environmental professionals and policymakers.


Editor-in-Chief: Wil Burns
ISSN: 2473-9510
Frequency: Continuous online-only article publication


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