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Quest for Normativity Special Collection

Rubén Flores, University College, Dublin, Ireland
Elisabeth Becker, Heidelberg University, Germany

Civic Sociology aims to be a forum for the cultivation of normative inquiry within the discipline, and to offer a space for the many conversations that different ethical turns have spurred. In order to contribute to this vision, this special collection invited contributions from across the social sciences and humanities that address questions related to the challenges and opportunities derived from these different normative turns. It also welcomed papers that reflect on the history of ethical reflection within social research, and on the possible futures opened by different forms of ethical engagement in the social sciences.


The Quest for Normativity: Editors’ Introduction
Rubén Flores, Elisabeth Becker

Social Science as Public Philosophy Revived
Galen Watts

The “Normative Turn” in Sociological Theory: Sociology’s Garden of the Forking Paths
Daniel Chernilo, Sebastian Raza

“Capitalizing” on Catholic Social Teaching: Seeking Normative Principles for Constructive Social Capital in the Catholic Tradition
Marc Rugani

Egalitarianism and Economic Rents in Distributional Inequalities
Dustin Avent-Holt

Bristol School of Multiculturalism as Normative Sociology
Tariq Modood

Normative Sociology in the Bristol School of Multiculturalism: An Interview with Tariq Tariq Modood
Tariq Modood, Elisabeth Becker

The Ethics of Participatory Action Research with People Living in Poverty
Bruno Tardieu, Donna Haig Friedman, Bonita Benett, Stacy Randell-Shaheen, Maya El Remaly, Alicia Barbas

The Role of Social Research in Opposing Injustice
Saori Murakami

Examining Normative Sociology and Phronetic Social Science in the Light of Practical Reason
Leonidas Tsilipakos
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