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Matteo Bortolini’s The Life of Robert Bellah: A Roundtable

Rubén Flores, University College, Dublin, Ireland

Robert Bellah is without a doubt one of the giants of 20th and early 21st century social research. This roundtable brings together a wonderful array of scholars from multiple disciplinary backgrounds in order to discuss a book devoted to his life and work, Matteo Bortolini’s A Joyfully Serious Man (Princeton University Press, 2021). It is our hope that this discussion will encourage readers to further explore and engage with Bellah’s rich oeuvre.



Robert Bellah’s Legacy in Time of Trial
Chad Alan Goldberg

Comments on Matteo Bortolini’s A Joyfully Serious Man: The Life of Robert Bellah
Joan W. Scott

Robert Bellah: A Cold War Sociologist?
Arvind Rajagopal

Robert Bellah as Modernization Theorist: Comments on Matteo Bortolini’s A Joyfully Serious Man
Amy Borovoy

In Search of a Schema in a Joyfully Serious Life: Robert Bellah, the Cold War, Psychoanalysis, and Intimate Experimentations A Joyfully Serious Man
Matteo Bortolini

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