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Communist and Post-Communist Studies (CPCS) is an international, peer-reviewed scholarly journal featuring comparative research on current and historical developments in the communist and post-communist world. Post-communist states and societies encompass Central and Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America, for which the term "post-communist" remains analytically useful as a temporal or geographical frame. The journal broadly covers domestic politics and societies, foreign policy and international relations, ideology and identities, political economy, political and human geography, and law. 

CPCS is committed to methodological pluralism and invites contributions from diverse disciplinary perspectives. The journal publishes theoretically-informed case studies, cross-national analyses, and cross-regional comparison involving communist and post-communist states and societies, as well as historical or theoretical analyses bearing comparative significance. CPCS promotes the voices and perspectives of scholars from all regions who contribute to, and engage with, international research on the Communist and Post-Communist world. 

In addition to original research articles, CPCS publishes shorter Research Notes discussing new sources of data, archival research, fieldwork techniques, or ethical challenges of broad interest to the research community. CPCS also welcomes proposals from Guest Editors for special issues. 

CPCS was formerly known as Studies in Comparative Communism (1968-1992) and Communist Affairs (1962-1968).

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