Erratum in: Creak, S. & Barney, K. (2022) The Role of “Resources” in Regime Durability in Laos: The Political Economy of Statist Market Socialism. Communist and Post-Communist Studies. 55 (4), 35–58. doi:10.1525/cpcs.2022.1713051

There was an error on page 39, in footnote 1, which has been corrected in the online issue.

This footnote should read:

Evans’s understanding can be contrasted with Dirlik (1989, pp 40–41) on China, who defined post-socialism in tripartite terms as an alternative to capitalism; a selective relationship with capitalism; and a localization of actually existing, vernacular socialism within grounded national contexts. Dirlik’s definition could also be applied to socialism in Laos today.

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