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Research Article April 12 2024
Soviet Memories as Part of Regional Repertoires of Usable Past in Contemporary Russia: An Analysis of Expert Interviews
Research Article April 8 2024
In the Name of “Freedom” and “Democracy”: Causes of Voting for the Radical Right in the Czech Republic
Research Article April 5 2024
Studying the Great Patriotic War in the Shadow of the Current Crisis
Research Article April 4 2024
Martyrological in Form, Military-Patriotic in Content: The Russian Orthodox Church and the Memory of the Great Patriotic War
Research Article March 22 2024
The Pillars of Power and Policy of Social Policymaking in Authoritarian Regimes: Comparing Housing Policies in China and Russia
Research Article March 22 2024
Russian Foreign Policy Research and War in Ukraine: Old Answers to New Questions?
Research Article March 12 2024
Debt-Based Trade, Social Norms, and Informality in Uzbekistan: Case Study of Rassiychilar in Rural Fergana
Research Article March 12 2024
Options Outside Unification through Military Force: The Case of Xi Jinping’s Cross-Strait Integration Policy
Research Article February 19 2024
The Cossacks of Southern Russia in 21st-Century Memory Politics
Research Article February 1 2024
Three Levels of Authoritarian Legitimacy: Successor Designation and Peaceful to Non-Peaceful Leadership Transition in Kazakhstan
Research Article February 1 2024
Everyday Bribery in North Korea as Moral Economy
Research Article December 20 2023
The Digital Contestation of Racialized Nationhood in Russia: Manizha’s Eurovision Performance
Research Article December 19 2023
How Does a Military Create a Tradition in a New Democracy?: Ritual Density, Commodification, and Politics in the Estonian Defence Forces
Research Article December 11 2023
A Bottom-Up Analysis of Societal Belief in Judicial Independence in Russia
Research Article November 27 2023
The Soviet Pillar of Belonging: How Donbas Schools Construct the Reality in Occupation
Research Article October 20 2023
Elections, Succession, and Legitimacy in Ukraine: Lessons from Six Presidential Transitions
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