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Special Feature: Four Decades of Arctic Climate Change: A Tribute to Louis Fortier

Professor Louis Fortier (1953-2020) revolutionized Arctic research in Canada. Both driven by his scientific fascination for ice-covered seas and an unusually strong and natural leadership, he has launched initiatives that have since brought Canada among the leading nations in Arctic research. The retrofit of the Canadian research icebreaker CCGS Amundsen and the foundation of ArcticNet, a Network of Centres of Excellence in Canada, are among his most significant and long-lasting contributions to Arctic sciences.

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Jennifer Herbig; Jonathan Fisher; Caroline Bouchard; Andrea Niemi; Mathieu LeBlanc; Andrew Majewski; Stéphane Gauthier; Maxime Geoffroy
Maxime Geoffroy; Caroline Bouchard; Hauke Flores; Dominique Robert; Harald Gjøsæter; Carie Hoover; Haakon Hop; Nigel E. Hussey; Jasmine Nahrgang; Nadja Steiner; Morgan Bender; Jørgen Berge; Giulia Castellani; Natalia Chernova; Louise Copeman; Carmen L. David; Alison Deary; George Divoky; Andrey V. Dolgov; Janet Duffy-Anderson; Nicolas Dupont; Joël M. Durant; Kyle Elliott; Stéphane Gauthier; Esther D. Goldstein; Rolf Gradinger; Kevin Hedges; Jennifer Herbig; Ben Laurel; Lisa Loseto; Sarah Maes; Felix C. Mark; Anders Mosbech; Sara Pedro; Harri Pettitt-Wade; Irina Prokopchuk; Paul E. Renaud; Sarah Schembri; Cathleen Vestfals; Wojciech Walkusz
Sarah Schembri; Caroline Bouchard; Tommy Pontbriand; Frédéric Maps
Gérald Darnis; Maxime Geoffroy; Thibaud Dezutter; Cyril Aubry; Philippe Massicotte; Tanya Brown; Marcel Babin; David Cote; Louis Fortier
Caroline Bouchard; Julek Chawarski; Maxime Geoffroy; Apasiri Klasmeier; Eva Friis Møller; Christian Mohn; Mette Dalgaard Agersted
Carmen L. David; Rubao Ji; Caroline Bouchard; Haakon Hop; Jeffrey A. Hutchings
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