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Special Collection: Learning and Personality

Guest Editors:
Jan De Houwer, Ghent University, Belgium
Marco Perugini, University of Milan Bicocca, Italy
Florin Sava, West University of Timisoara, Romania

Yannick Boddez, Ghent University, Belgium

Despite close interactions between learning and personality research in the mid-20th century, in recent years there has been little interaction between these fields of research. Nevertheless, there is much that the two fields of research can learn from each other. The current special collection encompasses conceptual, theoretical, and empirical papers about the interplay between learning and personality, with a focus on basic learning phenomena such as habituation and conditioning and basic personality traits such as those considered in Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory, the Big Five, the HEXACO, or other personality frameworks.

Jan De Houwer; Marco Perugini; Yannick Boddez; Florin Sava
Pedro L. Cobos; Tania M. Valle; María J. Quintero; Francisco J. López
Claudia Rodriguez-Sobstel; Shannon Wake; Helen Dodd; Eugene McSorley; Carien M. van Reekum; Jayne Morriss
Alex H. K. Wong; Asimina Aslanidou; Marcelo Malbec; Andre Pittig; Matthias J. Wieser; Marta Andreatta
Naomi Carpentier; Dirk Hermans; Sara Scheveneels
Erica Casini; Juliette Richetin; Florin Alin Sava; Marco Perugini
David Johnson; Wingman Ho; Beggum Uddin; Samuel Tetteh-Quarshie; Jayne Morriss
Adrian Jusepeitis; Klaus Rothermund
Moritz Ingendahl; Tobias Vogel
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