It is with great pleasure that I join with Orsi Prize Committee members Rosanne Welch, Cynthia C. Prescott, and Charles Wollenberg to announce the winner of our Richard J. Orsi Prize for the best article published in California History in 2023. It was difficult to choose the best of the twelve peer-reviewed research articles we published in volume 100. Nonetheless, the committee unanimously selected “Nothing Less Than Justice: Race, Sexuality, and Representation at the 1977 California International Women’s Year Conference” by Stephanie Narrow, Haleigh Marcello, and Judy Tzu-Chun Wu (California History 100, no. 3: 57–85). Each member agreed that a very close second was Eladio B. Bobadilla, “For Us, There Are No More Back Doors: California’s Proposition 187, the Paradoxes of Immigration Control, and the Long Struggle for Immigrants’ Rights” (California History 100, no. 3: 2–23).

The committee’s report on the winning article notes:

We found “Nothing Less...

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