On this last day of Spring, the sun is shining, a brisk wind riffles the trees, my summer classes are well underway, and the President of the United States is experiencing two of California’s most notable features: tourism and technology. After a night at an historic Nob Hill hotel, he meets with experts in artificial intelligence to discuss its potentials for profit and peril.

As an educator, I worry less about ChatGPT than I do the gig economy, both of which I have experienced first-hand. Do my students use AI to write their papers? Absolutely. Many of those who write their own work will still use a San Francisco-based artificial-intelligence program to check their grammar and spelling. (Dinosaurs like me will remember using 1990s word-processing programs that corrected punctuation, spelling, and sentence construction.)

My hands remain unwrung. No matter how AI has evolved, nor how it evolves going forward, it...

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