While ‘e-Oman’ is a repository of Open Data, its significance in terms of being a potent source for Big Data deserves attention. This paper seeks to underscore how important is the integration of Big and Open Data in e-Oman – the e-government portal of Oman. Drawing evidence from four case studies based on the Higher Education Admissions Center (HEAC) ‘e-Portal’ – an online portal meant for the payment of electricity bills, traffic fines and visa applications – the paper lends support to the implementation of integration of Big and Open Data which, for a number of purposes, could be better harnessed. Thus, while the paper identifies the opportunities entailed in achieving the integration of Big and Open Data in the context of the case studies chosen for the study, there are concomitant challenges impacting this integration that need to be addressed. Specifically, e-Oman needs to be updated with Open Data and the government needs to take steps to build and maintain a robust physical, human and information infrastructure for harnessing the potential of integrating Open and Big Data in the public sector. The paper concludes with directions for future research.

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