This statistical file is concerned with indications of the status of science and knowledge in Arab countries, assuming that these countries have no alternative but to stimulate the areas of science and technology together along with the education sector, if for nothing more than to overcome some lingering problems like food-, water- and energy security (UNESCO, p 251). Tables 1 and 2 provide general socio-economic data, which might serve as prelimnary indicators. Table 3 presents indicators on higher education student enrollment, while Table 4 provides statements on public expenditure on education. Ranking of Arab research institutions is shown in Table 5, while Table 6 indicates the ranking of Arab countries in the Assimilation of Technology Index. Tables 7 provides statements on the numbers of reserchers in some Arab countries, while Table 8 presents statements on gross expenditure on research & development (GERD) as a Percentage of GDP. Tables 9 and 10 give figures on the number of scientific publications and articles being written in Arab countries, while Table 11 presents figures on internet penetration into the Arab Region.

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