Labib W. Kamhawi, The Palestinian Cause and the Israeli Problem: A New Vision (Beirut: Center for Arab Unity Studies, 2022). 128 pp. ISBN 978-9953-82-992-0

There is an Arab consensus or almost complete unanimity that the Zionist presence in the Arab region is the basis of all the problems that plague the area and threaten international stability and peace. Thus, the prosperity and stability of the Arab world depends on changing this racist state and freeing occupied Palestinian and Arab land. This Arab position has always been consistent in viewing the Zionist occupation as an existential threat to Palestinians and Arabs alike.

However, this unified Arab position on the Israeli occupation has been shaken, if not considerably undermined, by several key events. These include the signing of the Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel in 1978 and the disengagement of Egypt from the Arab–Israeli conflict; the signing of the Oslo...

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