Ilan Pappe’s The Biggest Prison on Earth exposes Israeli violations in Palestine against its indigenous people. The Israeli historian reveals Israel’s ugly crimes against humanity over the years, using clear-cut evidence that indicts the settler colonial entity. Pappe comprehensively analyzes Zionist objectives in occupied Palestine, and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians in different historical epochs.

The Israeli historian’s latest work earned the “2017 Book of Palestine Award,” and it was recently translated into Arabic by the Nawfal/Hachette Antoine Lebanese publishing house.

This new work par-excellence dealing with the history of the Palestinian occupied territories unmasks Zionist projects and violations of Palestinians’ rights since the ethnic cleansing of Palestine began in 1948. Pappe dedicates his book to the children of Palestine who endured killing, injury, and bullying because they live in the biggest prison on earth.

The book includes a forward, introduction, and twelve chapters that make up 357 pages,...

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