Basil Al-Bustany, Dynamics of Sustainable Development: Innovative Formation and Challenging Application (Beirut: Center for Arab Unity Studies, 2020). 319 pp. ISBN 978-9953-82-908-1

In this book, the Iraqi academic and economist Basil Al-Bustany documents the history of the sustainable human development program from its launch in 1990 till today, addressing its philosophy, the pillars of its formation and origins, as well as the challenges it could face. The author refers to the main stages the program has gone through, from its formation to a stage of empowerment, arguing that the program, along with the reforms that the United Nations continues to provide for countries to implement goals of sustainable development, gives a real opportunity for the human development program to be a serious alternative to the prevailing economic neoliberal order.

Al-Bustany posits that the first stage of the sustainable human development...

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