The paper discusses the dynamics of current relations between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United Kingdom (UK) and prospects following Britain’s exit from the European Union (“Brexit”). It debates their bilateral relations and policy interests in these links. The article looks at the vital role their political, economic, and security interests play in their relationship. It poses the question of whether the form and shape of relations between both countries will remain critical post-Brexit and the reasons for pursuing this policy track. It provides an overview of investment links as the UK is considered one of the primary destinations for UAE foreign investments through its sovereign wealth funds or private investors. It also examines defense cooperation between the two countries with the UAE being an important customer for the UK’s defense industry. The paper provides an insight into the opportunities and challenges Brexit could create for the UAE and the UK in the fields of economics, security, and defense. It explores the role of the European Union in the bilateral relations post-Brexit. The article highlights the importance of both countries on the world stage in the context of the UK government’s strategy to prioritize its relations with the UAE and the Gulf region.

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