"Californians, this is the time for us to do our utmost for the University because it has done its utmost for us,” said Chief Justice Earl Warren at the April 1967 convocation at Berkeley. And what a time it was—on the heels of the Free Speech Movement in 1964, the Vietnam Day marches in 1965, an escalation of anti-war protests in 1966, and, in January of 1967, the dramatic firing of UC President Clark Kerr by Governor Ronald Regan at a meeting of the Board Regents. The following year the University of California would celebrate its hundredth year, and to celebrate this, the UC hired photographer Ansel Adams to take thousands of images of the rapidly expanding UC system. Adams was charged to take photographs of the future. What might these images from futures past tell us about the future for both this university and the state to which it belongs?

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