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I am very pleased to announce that Asian Survey is going to adopt an online submission system, Scholastica. Beginning on September 9th, we will only accept online submissions. In the meantime, we will continue to accept papers through the current email submission system until the end of August. We will briefly pause acceptance of submissions from September 1st through 8th. During that time period, please hold on to your paper and submit it after our online submission system is in place.

Asian Survey is also going to make changes to its style. Instead of a footnote-based reference style, we will use the author-date system. Our word count limit will be reduced to 8,500 including everything (abstract, footnotes, texts in tables and figures, and references) while increasing the word count limit of the abstract to 150. These changes will occur starting with the May/June issue of 2020. Please keep these changes in mind during your preparation for submission to Asian Survey.
Thank you.
Uk Heo
Editor, Asian Survey
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