In communist discourse, revisionism denotes a modification of socialist theory and practice that undermines the revolutionary essence of socialism. This article examines the meaning and purpose of North Korea’s anti-revisionism. Each leader has emphasized different aspects of anti-revisionism, in accordance with the changing circumstances. Kim Il Sung made no concessions to revisionism. He endorsed Juche, the monolithic ideological system, and Korean-style socialism to oppose revisionism. Under Kim Jong Il’s leadership, economic cracks emerged in North Korea’s anti-revisionist edifice, though he promoted Songun politics to mitigate them. These economic cracks have widened under Kim Jong Un’s leadership, though he has promoted Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism to successfully maintain an anti-revisionist course. North Korea has upheld anti-revisionism to safeguard socialism and build communism. Anti-revisionism has played a central role in North Korea’s development by determining the evolution of its ideology, socialist system, and foreign policy. Today, North Korea is the last remaining bastion of anti-revisionism.

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