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Research Article July 3 2024
Service Motivation under Political Pressure: Exploring Chinese Local Cadres’ Responsiveness
Research Article April 30 2024
The Effect of Elite Cues on Policy Attitudes through the Lens of Affective Polarization in Taiwan: The Potent Force of Animosity
Research Article April 30 2024
Singapore’s Temasek Model and State Asset Management in China: Influence and Limits
Research Article April 30 2024
Economic Frustration and Resistance to Gender Equality among Young Korean Men
Research Article April 30 2024
Chinese Overseas Foreign Direct Investment and Online Digital Freedom in Developing Countries
Research Article February 6 2024
The Effects of Economic Growth on the Aid–Conflict Nexus: An Empirical Analysis in Asia, 1980–2010
Research Article January 31 2024
Attitudinal Legacies of Dictatorship: How Premigratory Experiences Affect North Korean Defectors’ Attitudes on Authority and Nationalism
Research Article January 29 2024
Political Trust in South Asia
Research Article January 23 2024
Foreign Policy Orientation without Party Cues: A Case Study of Taiwan
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