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Animal History publishes cutting-edge historical research on the histories of animals and human-animal relationships, documenting the impacts animals have had on global histories, cultures, languages, technologies, and environments as well as the impacts that humans have had on animals and their pasts, cultures, and lives. The journal’s scope is global and encompasses all time periods from the late Paleolithic to the early twenty-first century. While grounded in the historical discipline, Animal History encourages and supports the vital inter- and transdisciplinary inquiries that have assembled the broader field of Animal Studies. Research and discussion in the journal are scholarly but accessible, serving researchers in humanities, social sciences, and animal sciences and requiring historical perspective to contextualize and explain contemporary findings on animals and human-animal relationships. To serve historians across their subfields, the journal also publishes methodological papers that explore the challenges animal historians face in working with historical source material created by and for humans.

The overarching aim of the journal is to enhance and support animal history research and scholarship, especially in subfields that have yet to address the animal past in a substantive way, thus redressing long-standing interpretive, conceptual, and historiographic lacunae. Furthermore, animal history scholarship to date has emphasized research on Europe, North America, and the Anglophone world, especially focused on the white elites and middle-classes. It has also emphasized some species over others (horses, dogs, and charismatic species like wolves, whales, bison, or sharks). Animal History publishes findings on these topics but pays special attention to movements that are currently and rapidly changing the field, focusing on diverse geographic regions, peoples of color, indigenous people, rural and working-class populations, and less familiar but equally important species, from rabbits and flies to anemones, lizards, turkeys, and sturgeon. Animal History publishes work at the heart of the historical profession, reading primary sources against the grain to recover nonhuman lives excluded, ignored, and erased.

Animal History publishes peer-reviewed research articles, reflective theoretical and methodological essays, and book reviews. The journal’s primary focus is on historical studies, conducted in History and adjacent academic fields, but it also welcomes animal-historical scholarship pursued across Animal Studies, broadly defined.

University of California Press is grateful to the University of Dayton for their support of the journal.


Animal History is sponsored by the Animals & Society Institute (ASI), a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing and sharing knowledge to improve nonhuman animal lives. For more information about ASI, please visit

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