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Animal History

University of California Press is pleased to announce the launch of Animal History, scheduled for publication in 2025.

University of California Press is grateful to the University of Dayton for their support of the journal.


Animal History is sponsored by the Animals & Society Institute (ASI), a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing and sharing knowledge to improve nonhuman animal lives. For more information about ASI, please visit

Animal History publishes cutting-edge historical research on the histories of animals and human-animal relationships, documenting the impacts animals have had on global histories, cultures, languages, technologies, and environments as well as the impacts that humans have had on animals and their pasts, cultures, and lives.

ISSN: pending 
Published Quarterly 
Lead Editors: Thomas Aiello, Valdosta State University, Susan Nance, University of Guelph, Daniel Vandersommers, University of Dayton
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