Welcome to the first issue of Afterimage’s 50th volume.

We begin with a photo essay by Susana Dubal in which the artist uses the frame of a glossary of terms as a means to explore the underworld of hate on the internet and the misogyny, xenophobia, and racism fostered there that can lead to real-world violence and acts of terrorism. Then, David Marcus reconsiders the work of Roland Barthes through the lenses of author and critic Fred Moten and photographer LaToya Ruby Frazier. Markus applies Moten’s concepts of “dynamic universality” and “piercing historicality” to Frazier’s work, arguing that it “implies not so much a reversal of Barthes’s studium/punctum binary as a subtle dismantling of its oppositional hierarchy: the hard and fast distinction between liking and loving, between ‘unconcerned desire’ and piercing poignancy,” offering a “radical revision of the photographic punctum.”

In a feature article on Mark...

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