Welcome to the June 2022 issue of Afterimage (Volume 49, no. 2).

This issue begins with two engaging essays. In her wide-ranging and well-illustrated piece, Kathy Johnson Bowles explores the aesthetics of spontaneous (or “makeshift”) memorials. Through an examination of their relationship to various artistic genres and practices, the author supports the contention that these memorials, along with serving as expressions of loss, grief, and remembrance, are singular works of art. In our second essay, Holly Willis delves deeply into the work of photographer, writer, bookmaker, and Instagrammer Moyra Davey. Willis writes that in Davey’s work of autotheory the “day-to-day comes forward for consideration, not as aesthetic object so much as a record of process, movement, and exchange, an affective circuit of shared references and the communities we create among the living as well as the dead, who sustain us through thick and thin.”

All of this issue’s peer-reviewed articles...

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