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Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 2019; 813187–192 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/abt.2019.81.3.187
Published: 01 March 2019
... introductory biology laboratory. First, the procedures are simple and inexpensive. The required equipment and supplies can be easily obtained, and no special training is required for their use. Hence, these exercises can be used with learners at many different levels and at diverse types of institutions...
Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 2018; 806451–456 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/abt.2018.80.6.451
Published: 01 August 2018
... a result, we describe how to construct a “homemade” single-speed mini-centrifuge using inexpensive parts easily acquired online or at hardware or other stores (e.g., a 4.7-quart plastic bowl and lid, standard computer cooling fan, AC/DC adapter, electrical wire, etc.). We further used this design...
Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 2018; 803198–202 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/abt.2018.80.3.198
Published: 01 March 2018
... anaerobic growth of microorganisms can be seen in many areas of industry, health, and the creation of several categories of food ranging from fermented alcohols to breads and cheeses. To demonstrate that microorganisms can grow and thrive in the absence of oxygen, we have developed an inexpensive and easy...
Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 2016; 789764–771 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/abt.2016.78.9.764
Published: 01 November 2016
... inexpensive ($45–70) digital microscope camera that is USB 2.0 compatible. Specifically, students record Tetrahymena activity under different control and test conditions, and they later use ImageJ to analyze the movement patterns. While this technique is demonstrated to show how methanol affects Tetrahymena...
Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 2011; 733164–166 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/abt.2011.73.3.8
Published: 01 March 2011
Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 2009; 719553 doi: https://doi.org/10.2307/20565379
Published: 01 November 2009
... Hall, Inc. H OW-TO- DO-IT An Inexpensive, Simple, Homemade "Microtome"To Prepare Thin Sections of Tissues for Microscopic Study 0 NATHAN DUBOWSKY Chapple Studios I Dreamstime.com " we (can) understand life itself only to the extent that we understand the structure and function of cells." -Swanson...
Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 2006; 685293–295 doi: https://doi.org/10.2307/4451991
Published: 01 May 2006
...: http:ZZwww.ascd.orgreadingroom/edlead/01 10/nelson.html. Nelson 2 12 59 Educational Leadership 2001 Simple Inexpensive Respirometers Demonstrations Where Plants Do the Unexpected: Give off Carbon Dioxide! LISA WEISE ow many of your students come into your class with the notion that plants and animals share a...
Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 2020; 824266–268 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/abt.2020.82.4.266
Published: 01 April 2020
... information on their proper care and reproduction can be difficult. Websites, books, and magazines frequently provide contradictory, inaccurate, incomplete, overly complex, and inhumane care information. To address these issues, this article explains how to set up a simple, low-maintenance, and inexpensive...
Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 2001; 638606–608 doi: https://doi.org/10.2307/4451192
Published: 01 October 2001
... of artificial substrates in the study of freshwater benthic macroinvertebrates 175 Artificial Substrates 1982 )-4 H 0 0 Critter Collector A simple, inexpensive method for collecting marine and estuarine epifauna, or fouling organisms, for observation in the laboratory and as a basis for...
Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 2020; 824227–233 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/abt.2020.82.4.227
Published: 01 April 2020
... scientific method. This article describes a visual-learning, inquiry-based activity that can be applied to introductory high school and college biology laboratories with the use of easily accessible technology (a smartphone and an inexpensive thermal camera attachment). Students generate hypotheses and...
Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 2000; 628602–607 doi: https://doi.org/10.2307/4450986
Published: 01 October 2000
... Enzymology, 22, 287-321. Reiland 287 22 Methods in Enzymology 1971 Voet, D., & Voet, J. (1990). Biochemistry. New York: John Wiley and Sons. Voet Biochemistry 1990 S S be A Rapid, Simple & Inexpensive Experiment in Gel Filtration Chromatography Roger A. Sauterer Jody Jones We...
Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 2020; 82149–51 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/abt.2020.82.1.49
Published: 01 January 2020
... replication, transcription, polymerase chain reaction (PCR), and random mutations so that students can examine these processes in detail. The set is inexpensive and easy to make, has been used successfully, and allows for modification to fit individual teachers' needs. Figure 1. Components of the set: (1...
Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 1999; 618621–624 doi: https://doi.org/10.2307/4450780
Published: 01 October 1999
...Charlotte K. Omoto; Joan A. Folwell Copyright The National Association of Biology Teachers How-To-Do-It Using Darkfield Microscopy To Enhance Contrast An Easy c Inexpensive Method Charlotte K. Omoto Joan A. Folwell Light microscopy is an important investigative tool for biology that is used...
Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 1999; 612126–127 doi: https://doi.org/10.2307/4450632
Published: 01 February 1999
... in Aquaculture 1996 How-To-Do-It An Inexpensive Recirculating Aquaculture System with Multiple Use Capabilities Gerald Don Scurlock, Jr. S. Bradford Cook Carrie Ann Scurlock One of the most enjoyable compo- nents of a biology classroom is an aquarium because an aquarium is a fun and interesting...
Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 1997; 598508–510 doi: https://doi.org/10.2307/4450366
Published: 01 October 1997
... montana: The effects of male auditory signals on the behav- iour of flies. Animal Behaviour, 43(1), 35-48. Liimatainen 1 35 43 Animal Behaviour 1992 Preparation & Use of an Easily Constructed, Inexpensive Chamber for Viewing Courtship Behaviors of Fruit Flies, Drosophila sp. Timothy J...
Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 1996; 588494–498 doi: https://doi.org/10.2307/4450218
Published: 01 November 1996
... 412 71 Journal of Chemical Education 1994 I ~iHow-To-Do-It ., An Inexpensive Incubator for the Biology Laboratory Peter Schofield The incubator is a fundamental tool in the biological laboratory and one might think a novel design as unlikely as a novel mousetrap. We find, how- ever, that...
Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 1996; 587428–432 doi: https://doi.org/10.2307/4450197
Published: 01 October 1996
... Molecular Biology Using Inexpensive Models George M. Malacinski Paul W. Zell The restructuring of the biology cur- riculum at Indiana University has po- sitioned the molecular biology lecture course as the first course in biology beyond the freshman introductory courses. An understanding of molecu- lar...
Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 1994; 562111–118 doi: https://doi.org/10.2307/4449764
Published: 01 February 1994
.... (1953). Try a hydro- ponic garden. The American Biology Teacher, 15, 12-14. Goddard 12 15 The American Biology Teacher 1953 Hershey, D.R. (1989). Easily con- structed, inexpensive, hydroponic propagation system. HortScience, 24, 706. Hershey 706 24 HortScience 1989 Hershey...
Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 2019; 815334–339 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/abt.2019.81.5.334
Published: 01 May 2019
... short periods (one week) and retain identifiable marks (beak, teeth, mandible imprints) following predator attack. This technique is simple, inexpensive, and provides rapid and clear results, rendering it a highly effective method of inquiry for high school students. Students can use these methods to...
Journal Articles
The American Biology Teacher. 2019; 814278–283 doi: https://doi.org/10.1525/abt.2019.81.4.278
Published: 01 April 2019
... the requisite skills to discover new life in host organisms that are readily available, accessible, and, in most cases, inexpensive or free. We have created a laboratory protocol to study the diversity of nematode life living inside the millipede intestine. This exercise is designed to teach students...