It would be impossible to say anything about 2020 without making some comment on the virus and the impact it has had on our lives, health, discourse, and educational routines. There is no doubt that the impact of this momentous year will be with us for long time to come. As an optimist and having heard from many teachers and NABT members across the globe, I know that not all the COVID-19 impacts have been negative. There has never been a better time to teach about immunity, viruses, mRNA, and epidemiology all in an environment where we are reacting daily to the challenges of communicating science information to the public and the dangers when we fail to listen to experts.

Despite the professional and personal challenges associated with this “plague year,” the contributions to The American Biology Teacher have been impressive with almost as many submissions as the year before, many of which focus on remote teaching and learning and the biological implications of the pandemic. For decades I have believed that biology is arguably the most important of the sciences to communicate to the public. This year certainly provided more evidence of that position. We all deeply appreciate the work of biology teachers at every level just as I acknowledge the very hard work of our team here at The American Biology Teacher.

The nine issues we publish annually would be impossible to produce without the hard work of many individuals, some of whom I work with regularly and many – our peer reviewers – I can thank only collectively even as I hope someday to meet each person with a hearty handshake. Who knows when this may happen – it has already been a year since I have shaken anyone’s hand!

In 2020 we received 118 articles and will ultimately accept most of them because of the strength of the articles and because of the incredible feedback offered by our reviewers and the reviewing editors. Other journals seem to take pride in their rejection rate, but I continue to be a champion of “acceptance” where great ideas with a bit of work and guidance can be nurtured into important contributions to biology education.

I will continue to remind readers that our ABT publications team is amazing! Our reviewing editors Bill Heybourn, Kate Walker, Amanda Glaze-Crampes, Emily Weigel, and Lance Forshee assign articles to knowledgeable peer reviewers and then write review summaries for each article submitted. Our assistant editor Kathy Westrich is responsible for the cover photos – soliciting and selecting images and working with photographers to develop instructive cover descriptions that transform great photographs into teachable moments.

In addition to service as a reviewing editor, Amanda Glaze-Crampes is our Book Review editor. Each month she arranges for enlightening reviews of interesting books. Jeffrey Sack, who took over as Classroom Materials and Media Review editor, has done an outstanding job finding interesting products to feature in the journal. We are fortunate to continue to feature the contributions of Douglas Allchin, author of the Sacred Bovines column. These pieces are a delight to read with the lessons they offer ABT readers.

We are all supported by the wonderful work of managing editor Valerie Haff, who is a key partner in the work of ABT with her suggestions, questions, and reminders that keep us all on schedule. We continue to benefit from the work of copyeditor Richard Earles, graphic designer Michelle Finney, and the entire publication team at University of California Press.

Finally, it would simply be impossible to produce a journal of this quality without our peer reviewers. Each of these 247 individuals in 2020 carefully read submissions to assure accuracy and make suggestions that can turn good ideas into great articles.

So, thanks to all who help make The American Biology Teacher an important resource in support of high-quality life science education.

The National Association of Biology Teachers and the editorial team of the American Biology Teacher thank the many individuals listed below for the thoughtful reviews of manuscripts contributed in 2020. We welcome new peer reviewers and new article submissions as we look toward 2021.

Bárbara Aguiar, Anna Aguilera, Noveera Ahmed, Maya Akpinar, David Allard, David Almorza, Christine Ambrosino, Michael Amolins, Revathi Ananthakrishnan, Nadja Anderson, Stacy Apazeller, Emily Argo, Rabia Arif, Harika Arslan, Daniel Aruscavage, Allison Baas, Caryn Babaian, Deana Baker, Jeffrey Baker, Tara Bal, Vikram Baliga, Rob Barber, Anthony Barrasso, Kristen Batko, Roberta Batorsky, Erin Baumgartner, Rita Bento, Douglas Bernstein, Andrea Bierema, Mark Bland, Jose Ramon Blas, Julie Bokor, Kevin Bonney, Sarah Boomer, Helen Boswell, Carol Bourke, Timothy Brady, Stan Braude, Rachel Bricklin, E Broder, Briana Brown, Jill Bucher, Uriel Buitrago-Saurez, Jennifer Butler, Patrick Calie, Joseph Calmer, Malcolm Campbell, Javier Carrillo-Rosúa, Kate Carter, Grant Casady, James Cavanagh, Peter Cavnar, David Champlin, Kenneth Chapin, Angela Chapman, Ying-Chih Chen, Heidi Cian, Emine Cil, Jennifer Clark, Joel Cohen, Tamara Coleman, Laura Conde-Ferráez, Sandra Connelly, Patrice Connors, Felicia Corsaro-Barbieri, Cassy Cozine, Dillon Crockett, Ronald Allan Cruz, Tammy d’Artenay, Peng Dai, Rebekka Darner, Elizabeth Davis-Berg, Peggy Deichstetter, Thomas Edison dela Cruz, Rebecca DeLozier, Robert Dennison, Kathryn Dugan, Ryan Dunk, Patrick Edwards, Kirk Ehmsen, Shaymaa Elhadidi, Jay Forshee II, Richard Gardner, Gretchen Geiger-Thornsberry, Brian Gibbens, Cynthia Gibson, Amanda Glaze-Crampes, Roger Gold, Teresa Golden, Rebecca Gonda, Walter Goodman, Diana Gordon, Robert Gotwals, Matthew Grilliot, Carolanne Grogan, Laine Gurley, Stephanie Gutzler, Sarah Haines, David Hale, Tyler Hallman, Christopher Hardy, John Harper, Melissa Haswell, William Heyborne, Catherine Hibbitt, Phyllis Higley, Cheryl Hill, Robert Hirsch, Jay Hodgson, Sandra Horikami, Karen Huffman, Jennifer Hurst-Kennedy, Sirin Ilkorucu, Laura Johnson, Robert Kao, Vedham Karpakakunjaram, Erango Kelbisow, William Kimler, Yi Kong, Michele Korb, Kris Koudelka, Jennifer Kowalski, William Kroen, Shawn Krosnick, Maja Krzic, Amy Kulesza, Yevgeniya Lapik, Kwok-chi Lau, Hedi Lauffer, Qin Leng, Daniel Levin, Debra Linton, Madelene Loftin, Karen Lucci, Quent Lupton, Caroline Mackintosh, Brett Malas, Kathy Malone, Seth Manthey, Pamela Marshall, Travis Marsico, Ana Sofia Martins, Shana McAlexander, Deanna McClung, Preetha Menon, Jon Miller, Monica Mobley, Kimberly Murie, María Napal Fraile, Traci Ness, Alana Newell, Kerry O’Brien, Heather Page, Darlene Panvini, Robert Pennock, Helen Pigage, Michael Plotkin, DorothyBelle Poli, Supaporn Porntrai, Sandra Porter, Bernard Possidente, Rebecca Price, Catherine Quinlan, Darrell Ray, Joshua Reid, Marcel Robischon, Vikki Rodgers, David Rudge, Wilbur Ryan, Xana Sa-Pinto, Jaime Sabel, Andi Saleh, Christie Sampson, Cassy Sandoval, Cheston Saunders, Roger Sauterer, Alexandre Selvatti, Ashley Shaloo, Yukti Sharma, Mark Shotwell, Jamie Shuda, Karen Stackhouse, Panagiotis Stasinakis, Matt Steffenson, Isaac Stewart, Paul Strode, Samantha Suiter, Rolando Tan, Rachel Thiet, Sue Thomson, Stephen Traphagen, L.K. Tuominen, Sarah Urban, Bertha Vazquez, Julio Voltolini, Ron Wagler, Miryam Wahrman, Peggy Ward, Deena Wassenberg, Elizabeth Watts, Faith Weeks, Samuel Wells, Tim Werner, Alexander Werth, Kathleen Westrich, Pamela Wirth, David Wollert, Wenyuan Yang, Chris Young.