These two books are part of a series of glow-in-the-dark picture books for young people. Gracing each cover is a 3D image that captures some of the organisms in the books. Within the pages are short vignettes that cover over a dozen organisms that can be found on land or water. While there are short introductions that tell about the life of the organism, the main feature of the books is that they center on living things that possess the ability to luminesce, bright colorings that appear to glow, or the ability to perceive light and luminescence. The pictures are beautiful and the pages are thick, on high-quality paper. When placed under a UV light, the pages come to life, showcasing the glowing nature of these organisms, their surroundings, or how they use the ability to see light in special ways to mate and thrive. While the books are beautiful, the cost is somewhat higher than expected for a softcover with limited pages. However, the images themselves provide great enjoyment to young and old alike.