I was really surprised by the tone and coverage in this book. While technically a “children’s” book, it delves into conservation and issues of climate change with an approach that is equally engaging to adults and children. Sylvia Earle shares her stories of exploration throughout the book, which is highlighted by images of a variety of creatures, places, and phenomena characteristic of the oceans. Made up of five chapters, the book begins with an exploration of the “blue heart” of the planet, moves into life under the waves, explores the deepest depths of the oceans, and then centers on the struggles and challenges of ocean life before closing with a chapter on how to save our oceans. Throughout the book, there are “who’s who” side notes to introduce species as well as “notes from the field” in which Earle shares her thoughts and experiences as they relate to her choice of career, love of the ocean, and tidbits from her explorations. Also hidden in the pages are neat little mini-experiments that can be done at home with resources that are common, including modeling ocean waves, designing a fish, and exploring the deep. This was definitely much better than I had expected, and I will be using it at home as well as with my students!