The year 2019 was another very productive year for The American Biology Teacher. We continue to experience an increase in the number of articles submitted, all of which feature amazing ideas, teaching suggestions, and updates designed to inform our readers through the nine annual issues of our journal. The only downside to this increase in submissions is that it is taking a bit longer than we might like to get these great ideas into print.

In past versions of our annual “thank you” column I have pointed out just how many individuals contribute directly and indirectly to the journal. I am pleased to recognize many of them now. First, ABT would not exist without the many authors who submit such engaging articles that will impact biology teaching and learning in a multitude of ways for years to come. I am pleased to report that our rejection rate is quite low because of the strength of the articles and because of the incredible feedback offered by our reviewers and reviewing editors coupled with the willingness of authors to make the requested changes.

The ABT publications team is amazing! Our reviewing editors—Bill Heybourn, Kevin Bonney, Emily Weigel, and Lance Forshee—invite peer reviewers and take the multiple comments provided and write review summaries for each article submitted. Our assistant editor, Kathy Westrich, is responsible for the cover photos and, in that role, solicits and selects images and works with photographers to write the instructive cover blurbs designed to transform a great photograph into a teachable moment.

Amanda Glaze-Crampes, our Book Reviews editor, has greatly increased the number of interesting reviews. Remy Dou, Classroom Materials and Media Reviews editor, has consistently found interesting products to feature in that section. This year we thank Remy for his many years of work and welcome Jeffrey Sack, a frequent contributor to this section, as our new editor. We would also like to thank Kevin Bonney for his many years of work as a reviewing editor and introduce Kate Walker, graduate student and biology instructor at the University of Arkansas, into that role. Amanda Glaze-Crampes is also now taking on some additional responsibility as a reviewing editor. Thanks, too, to Douglas Allchin, author of the Sacred Bovines column that continues to inform ABT readers.

All of us on the front line are supported by the wonderful work of managing editor Valerie Haff, who has become an important partner in the work of ABT. She makes important suggestions, asks vital questions, offers reminders, and keeps us all on the ABT publication schedule. We continue to benefit from the work of copyeditor Richard Earles, graphic designer Michelle Finney, and the entire publication team at University of California Press. Also, thanks are due to the members of the ABT journal advisory panel who provide useful reflection during our annual meeting at the NABT conference.

Finally, equal in importance to the authors are our 265 peer reviewers (up from 245 the previous year) who contribute their time and expertise to ensure that every article is accurate and engaging. These reviewers (some of whom examined multiple articles) produced almost 300 individual reviews this past year that, in turn, we shared with authors to turn good articles into great ones. Thanks to all who help make The American Biology Teacher an important resource in support of high-quality life science education.

The National Association of Biology Teachers and the editorial team of The American Biology Teacher thank the many individuals listed below for the thoughtful reviews of manuscripts contributed during 2019.

Delbert Abi Abdallah, Mia Abrie, Kim Achilly, Christine Ambrosino, Michael Amolins, Revathi Ananthakrishnan, Aakanksha Angra, Stacy Apazeller, Chantilly Apollon, Madeline Arnold, Mike Arsenault, Daniel Aruscavage, Allison Baas, Caryn Babaian, Tara Bal, Meena Balgopal, Vikram Baliga, Michael Baltzley, Rob Barber, Maryann Barnes, Andrew Bartlow, Chris Barton, Roberta Batorsky, Dale Beach, David Bennett, Rita Bento, Matthew Benus, Kelsie Bernot, Douglas Bernstein, Andrea Bierema, Andrea Bixler, Mark Bland, Julie Bokor, Rachel Bolus, Carol Bourke, Eric Brenner, Rachel Bricklin, Briana Brown, Christopher Brown, Caleb Bryce, Uriel Buitrago-Saurez, Jung-Ho Byeon, Joseph Calmer, Lauren Camp, Rita Campos, Martin Casco-Robles, Merri Casem, James Cavanagh, Peter Cavnar, Kenneth Chapin, Ying-Chih Chen, Pablo Chialvo, Heidi Cian, Emine Cil, Eliezer Cocoletzi, Patrice Connors, Robert Cooper, Paige Copenhaver-Parry, Felicia Corsaro-Barbieri, Dillon Crockett, John Crooks, Noelle Cutter, Julie Cwikla, Tammy d'Artenay, Peng Dai, Marinaldo Dantas, Andrew David, Elizabeth Davis-Berg, Peggy Deichstetter, Rebecca DeLozier, Kristine Dennis, Charles Deutch, Brian Drayton, Derek Dube, Kathryn Dugan, Ryan Dunk, Somya Dwivedi-Burks, Kirk Ehmsen, Jane Ellis, Nancy Elwess, Benjamin England, Megan Faliero, Robert Fitak, Christine Fleet, Karla Fuller, Herb Fynewever, Amaya Garcia Costas, Richard Gardner, Tracy Gartner, Brian Gibbens, Cynthia Gibson, Amanda Glaze, Michaeleen Golay, Roger Gold, Teresa Golden, Diana Gordon, Robert Gotwals, Harold Grau, Christine Gray, Maria Greene, Matthew Grilliot, Zach Grimes, Carolanne Grogan, Amy Grunden, Laine Gurley, Javier Gutierrez-Jimenez, Heesoo Ha, Abby Hafer, David Hale, Rachel Hamelers, Melissa Haswell, Ashley Heim, Christopher Hoagstrom, William Hoback, Georgia Hodges, Jay Hodgson, Yin Kiong Hoh, Cheryl Ann Hollinger, Tina Hubler, Margaret Hudson, Karen Huffman, Barbara Hug, William Hughes, Jillian Inge, Erika Iyengar, Jamie Jensen, Laura Johnson, Wendy Johnson, Judith Jones, Daniel Jordan, Robert Kao, Jimmy Karlan, Martin Kelly, Michele Koehler, Cory Kohn, Yi Kong, Michele Korb, Erica Kosal, Melissa Kosinski-Collins, Neil Lamb, Mickey Laney-Jarvis, Alicja Lanfear, Amy Lark, Wendy Leuenberger, Sean Leugers, Jun Liang, Karen Lucci, Xinyue Ma, Joshua Mackie, Diane MacWilliams, Brett Malas, Kathy malone, Jill Maroo, David Martin, Rick Martin, Ana Sofia Martins, Scott Mateer, Steven Matzner, Shana McAlexander, Melissa McCartney, Preetha Menon, Ladislav Merta, Mark Milanick, Julie Minbiole, Monica Mobley, Shabnam Mohammadi, Lisa Monson, Jennifer Mook, Kelly Moore, Michael Moore, Randy Moore, Elizabeth Mulligan, Erica Mullins, Tami Mysliwiec, Traci Ness, W. Jason Niedermeyer, Walter Niedermeyer, Kevin Niemi, Fran Norflus, Priscilla Nyamai, Kerry O'Brien, Michael O'Donnell, Eva Ogens, Julie Olson, Janel Ortiz, Heather Page, Elizabeth Paine, Laura Palmer, Kathryn Parsley, Keith Pecor, Amanda Peel, Robert Pennock, Antonio Perez, Joan Petersen, Jay Phelan, Patrick Phoebus, Helen Pigage, DorothyBelle Poli, Natalia Porcek-Hubbs, Supaporn Porntrai, Kristine Prahl, Ralph Preszler, Courtney Price, Annie Prud'homme-Genereux, Catherine Quinlan, Lindsay Reustle, Michael Rischbieter, Marcel Robischon, Rachel Robson, Chelsie Romulo, Danielle Ross, Claudia Russo, Andi Saleh, Christie Sampson, Cassy Sandoval, Stephen Saupe, Jonathan Scammell, David Schleith, Konrad Schönborn, Anita Schuchardt, Amy Schwerdtfeger, Alexandre Selvatti, Dominique Shimizu, Soojung Shin, Mark Shotwell, Mamta Singh, George Smith, Cristina Sousa, Robert Speed, Panagiotis Stasinakis, Scott Stein, Parker Stuart, Gerald Summers, Milind Suraokar, Agnieszka Szarecka, Dawn Tamarkin, Sibel Telli, Rachel Thiet, Aimée Thomas, Robert Thomas, Sue Thomson, Edward Tivnan, Robyn Tornabene, Stephen Traphagen, Shem Unger, Sarah Urban, Julio Voltolini, Ron Wagler, Miryam Wahrman, Patricia Waller, Jennifer Weber, Faith Weeks, Emily Weigel, Tim Werner, Alexander Werth, Melissa Wessel, David Wessner, Kalina White, Peter White, Allison Wiedemeier, Cody Williams, Monique Williams, Nicole Wonderlin, Laura Zangori, Jerrold Zar.