When I first opened this book, I was somewhat expecting a picture book for very young children, as the images on the cover are in rich color and, while reasonably accurate, not anatomically precise. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find enough information about oceans, ocean life, and the impact and role of the oceans surrounding life on Earth that I had to take a moment of appreciation. The richness of the information in this short book – from oceanography and ocean lore to conservation and protection of our oceans – more than reasonably touches on a wide range of information in a way that is interesting and engaging to the reader. While my initial thought was “children's book,” I can honestly say that I gleaned a bit of new information from this book, or at least it refreshed my memory a bit, but I also found myself really enjoying the way the information is organized in a way that teaches and supports without feeling like a lesson book or a lecture.