The year 2018 was very productive for The American Biology Teacher. We experienced a healthy increase in the number of article submissions over the previous year, resulting in even more high-quality ideas, teaching suggestions, and updates reaching our readers through the nine issues of our 80th volume.

What our readers might not immediately recognize is how many individuals contribute directly and indirectly to producing the journal. Through this annual “thank you” column, I am pleased to recognize many of those whose work makes the journal possible. First, we should start by acknowledging the authors, without whom there would simply be no journal. I suspect that most readers realize that no one is paid for their contributions to ABT. However, we hope that all our authors recognize that they impact biology teaching and learning in a multitude of ways they may never directly appreciate. As editor, I appreciate the good will exhibited by authors as their work proceeds through the sometimes lengthy review and revision process and then wait many months to see their work in print.

The ABT publications team is second to none and, as such, they deserve my sincere appreciation. On the front line we have reviewing editors Bill Heybourn, Kevin Bonney, Emily Weigel, and Lance Forshee, who select peer reviewers and write review summaries for each article submitted. Our assistant editor, Kathy Westrich, is both a reviewing and photo editor. Kathy solicits and chooses all our cover photos and works with photographers to write the instructive cover blurbs that aim to transform a great image into a teachable moment.

Amanda Glaze, our Book Review editor, has greatly increased the number of interesting reviews. Remy Dou, the Classroom Materials & Media Reviews editor, has consistently found interesting products to feature in that section. Remy will soon step down from his position as section editor, but, fortunately for ABT readers, he will be replaced by Jeffrey Sack, a frequent contributor to this section. We deeply appreciate the contributions of Douglas Allchin, who writes the engaging column Sacred Bovines.

Perhaps the biggest change this year was the transition from long-time managing editor Mark Penrose to Valerie Haff, who has brought another level of insight and organization to that important position. Sincere thanks to both Mark and Val! We continue to benefit from the work of copyeditors Cher Paul and Richard Earles, graphic designer Michelle Finney, and the entire publication team at University of California Press. In addition, I am very pleased to have the advice of the members of the ABT journal advisory panel, who provide useful reflection during our annual meeting at the NABT conference.

Finally on my list of thanks are the 245 peer reviewers who in 2018 contributed their time and expertise to ensure that every article is accurate and engaging. These reviewers (some of whom examined multiple articles) offered thousands of constructive comments that we shared with authors to make good articles truly great.

Clearly, it seems to take a village to produce the American Biology Teacher.

My time as editor has been very pleasant and gratifying. I have been a reader of ABT for almost 40 years, and so it is a particular honor to work with this incredible team of authors, production experts, and reviewing editors to produce a journal that, we trust, allows you to be better informed and inspired biology educators.

The National Association of Biology Teachers and the editorial team of ABT thank the many individuals listed below for the thoughtful reviews of manuscripts they contributed during 2018.

William McComas

Tracie Addy, Anna Aguilera,* Adam Ahlers,* Mohamed Ahmed, Noveera Ahmed,** Asmaa Almohaidi, Michael Amolins,** Revathi Ananthakrishnan,* Nadja Anderson,* Stacy Apazeller,*** Chantilly Apollon,* Luke Appleton, Roger Araujo-Llamas,* Emily Argo, Deana Baker,* Jeffrey Baker,** Tara Bal,** Meena Balgopal,** Vikram Baliga,** Michael Baltzley, Rob Barber,* Matthew Barnes, Katherine Bates,* Kristen Batko,* Roberta Batorsky,** Erin Baumgartner,* Craig Berg,* Kelsie Bernot,* Douglas Bernstein, Andrea Bierema,* Andrea Bixler,* Val Blair, Mark Bland,** Jose Ramon Blas,* Julie Bokor,*** Sarah Boomer,* Helen Boswell, Carol Bourke,** Eric Brenner,* Steven Brewer,** Rachel Bricklin,* Jennifer Brigati, E. Dale Broder,* Jennifer Broo,* Andrew Brower,** Julie Brown,* Deanna Brunlinger,*** Winnifred Bryant, Carrie Bucklin,* Uriel Buitrago-Saurez,** Stephen Burnett,*** Jennifer Butler, Patrick Calie,* Malcolm Campbell, Grant Casady,* Martin Casco-Robles, Merri Lynn Casem,* Dominec Castignetti,* James Cavanagh,** Peter Cavnar, Kenneth Chapin,* Angela Chapman,* Ying-Chih Chen,* Kimberly Cherry Vogt,* Rolf Christoffersen, Heidi Cian,** Emine Cil,* Jennifer Clark,* Elizabeth Co, Eliezer Cocoletzi,* Glenn Cohen, Joel Cohen,** Alex Collier,* Christopher Collins, Sandra Connelly,** Robert Cooper,** Felicia Corsaro-Barbieri,* Chris Cottingham, Sarah Couch, David Crain, Chrissy Cross,* John Dahl, Pedram Daneshgar,* Rebekka Darner,* Darwin Daugaard,* Elizabeth Davis-Berg, Peggy Deichstetter,* Leonard Dobens,* Kerri Donohue,* Meredith Dorner,** McKenzie Doup, Daniel Dreesmann,** Derek Dube,* Amanda Duffus,* Laurie Eberhardt,** Jeff Eble, Patrick Edwards,** Kirk Ehmsen,** Shaymaa Elhadidi,* Megan Faliero,** Miriam Ferzli, Fardad Firooznia,* Matthew Fisher,* Robert Fitak,* Kathryn Flinn,** Samantha Fowler, Isolde Francis, Karla Fuller,* Andrew Gall,** Amaya Garcia Costas,* Richard Gardner,* J. Phil Gibson,* Amanda Glaze,** Teresa Golden,** Urszula Golebiewska, Rebecca Gonda,** Timothy Goodwin,* Harold Grau,* Joe Graves, Christine Gray,** Maria Greene,* Matthew Grilliot,** Carolanne Grogan, Laine Gurley,** Batool Haerian,* Dana Haine,* David Hale,** John Harper,* Melissa Haswell,** M. Haviz, Sherry Herron,* Phyllis Higley, Jay Hodgson,** Cheryl Ann Hollinger,** Ava Howard,* Tina Hubler,** Margaret Hudson,** Karen Huffman,** William Hughes,* George Jacob,* Judith Jones,** Lori Kayes,* William Kimler,** Yi Kong,* Jennifer Kowalski, Christopher Krieg,* Seung-Hyuk Kwon, Neil Lamb,* Evan Lampert,* Mickey Laney-Jarvis,** Damaris-Lois Lang,* Maia Larios-Sanz,* Amy Lark,** Wendy Leuenberger, Daniel Levin,* Isaac Ligocki,** Brett Malas, Molly Malone,* Pamela Marshall,* David Martin,* Rick Martin,** Ana Sofia Martins,* April Maskiewicz, Barbara May,** Shana McAlexander,** Peggy McKay,* Kelsey Metzger,** Monica Mobley,* Anna Monfils,* Michael Moore,* Jeanelle Morgan,* Maureen Munn,* Holly Munro,* Tami Mysliwiec,** María Napal Fraile, Jan Ng,* Fran Norflus,** Eva Ogens,** Julie Olson, Heather Page,* Keith Pecor,* Patsye Peebles,* Antonio Perez, Scott Peterson, Andrew Petzold, Patrick Phoebus, Helen Pigage,* Supaporn Porntrai, Ralph Preszler,** Annie Prud'homme-Genereux,* Catherine Quinlan,** Rosanne Quinnell,* Fiona Rawle, Maria Rebolleda, Joshua Reid, Karen Resendes,** Marcel Robischon,* H. Charles Romesburg, William Romine, Lindsey Roper, Michael Rutledge, Jaime Sabel,** Melanie Sanchez-Dinwiddie, Roger Sauterer, David Schleith, Anita Schuchardt,* Alexandre Selvatti,* Ashley Shaloo, Yukti Sharma,* Mark Shotwell, Dawn Simon, Robert Speed, Kathryn Spilios,* Chris Stewart,* Isaac Stewart,* Sarah Stockwell,* David Stronck,** Parker Stuart,* Adam Stuckert, Cindy Surmacz,** Nazli Ruya Taskin,* Aimée Thomas,* Matthew Thomas, Christy Thompson, Rebecca Van Tassell,* Amy Vashlishan Murray, Julio Voltolini,* Janice Voltzow, Ron Wagler,* Patricia Waller,** Deena Wassenberg,** Elizabeth Watts, Jennifer Weber,* Faith Weeks, Emily Weigel,** Alexander Werth,** David Wessner, Mary Williams, Thomas Wilson,* Bill Winckelmann,* Pamela Wirth, Allison Witucki,* Alex Wolf, David Wollert,* Fernanda Wommer, Kirsten Work,* Jean Worsley,* Regina Wu, Sarah Wyatt and Chris Young.*

* Two or more reviews

**Five or more reviews

***Ten or more reviews