This past year was a very productive one for the American Biology Teacher. We received about 120 article submissions and those that passed initial editorial assessment were read by several of the 245 peer reviewers who contributed their time and expertise. These reviewers (some of whom examined multiple articles) offered thousands of constructive comments that we shared with authors allowing them to make already good articles truly great.

As part of this effort, I am very pleased to acknowledge the amazing editorial support team that prepares nine high-quality issues of the American Biology Teacher each year. Were it not for the contributions of our reviewing and department editors it would be impossible to give timely feedback to authors, prepare the book and classroom materials reviews, and recruit photographers to share their stunning imagines along with instructive cover blurbs.

So, I am pleased to thank reviewing editor Kim Murie (who has just completed her term), and welcome Bill Heybourn. Bill joins an editorial team that includes Kevin Bonney, Emily Weigel and Lance Forshee. We are very lucky to continue to have the services of Assistant Editor Kathy Westrich who is both a reviewing editor and our photo editor.

In 2017 we said goodbye and thank you to our long-time book review editor Elizabeth Cowles (who as you know was elected NABT president) and welcomed Amanda Glaze into this role. Fortunately, Remy Dou (Classroom Materials and Media review editor) and Douglas Allchin who writes the column Sacred Bovines both continue to serve ABT. It remains a delight to continue work with our Managing Editor Mark Penrose, Copyeditor Cher Paul, graphic designer Michelle Finney and entire the publication team at University of California Press.

We also appreciate the support of NABT members Caroline Kill, Emile Blouin, Kristy Daniel, and Katrina Kirsch who serve on the Journal Advisory Committee and provide advice to the ABT editor. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please contact our Executive Director Jacki Reeves-Pepin who takes a very active and supportive role in ensuring that ABT remains the high-quality journal we all have come to expect.

Of course, this ABT “thank you” must acknowledge the authors who continue to share their ideas in the form of articles and then “suffer” the indignity of making revisions, and often waiting for months before seeing their work in print. No matter the degree of dedication of the ABT editorial team, the pages of ABT would be blank without the contributions of our authors.

It remains a very pleasant and gratifying experience to work with our authors, production experts and reviewing editors to produce a journal that I personally have been reading for more than 30 years and we trust, allows you to be better informed and inspired biology educators.

The National Association of Biology Teachers and the editorial team of the American Biology Teacher thank the many individuals listed below for the thoughtful reviews of manuscripts contributed during 2017. An asterisk after a name indicates that the reviewer completed more than one review in the year.

Saber Abd-Allah, Mia Abrie, Oluwaseun Agboola, Bárbara Aguiar, Anna Aguilera, Noveera Ahmed,* Shazia Ahmed,* David Allard, Christine Ambrosino, Michael Amolins,* Revathi Ananthakrishnan, Stacy Apazeller,* Chantilly Apollon,* Rabia Arif, Madeline Arnold, Daniel Aruscavage, Nandhini Ashok, Nicanor Austriaco, Jennifer Bailey, Jeffrey Baker, Arundhati Bakshi, Tara Bal, Meena Balgopal,* Rob Barber, Maryann Barnes, Alessandra Barrera, Katherine Bates, Roberta Batorsky, Erin Baumgartner, Jonathan Beckwith, Sarah Bennett,* Marilee Benore, Rita Bento, Matthew Benus, Karen Bernd, Matthew Berosik, Quentin Biddy, Andrea Bierema, Julie Bokor, Scott Bonar, Kevin Bonney, Terry Bramschreiber, Glenn Branch, Latanya Brandon, Eric Brenner, Steven Brewer, Rachel Bricklin,* Melissa Broeckelman-Post, Jennifer Broo, Christopher Brown, Briana Brown, Deanna Brunlinger, Uriel Buitrago-Saurez, Stephen Burnett,* David Burritt, Jennifer Butler, Patrick Calie, Joseph Calmer,* Michael Calver, Lauren Camp, Elijah Carter, Todd Carter, Merri Lynn Casem,* Dominec Castignetti, James Cavanagh, Kam Ho Chan,* Kenneth Chapin,* Sarah Chudyk, Heidi Cian,* Jennifer Clark, Eliezer Cocoletzi, Joel Cohen, Tamara Coleman, Robert Cooper, Dillon Crockett, John Crooks, Chrissy Cross,* Noelle Cutter,* Kristy Daniel, Elizabeth Davis-Berg, Elizabeth de los Santos, Kristin De Nesnera, Megan Delaney, Robert Dennison, Charles Deutch, Leonard Dobens, Kerri Donohue,* Mike Dorrell, Derek Dube,* Amanda Duffus, Kathryn Dugan, Laurie Eberhardt, Sarah Ewing, Megan Faliero, Stephen Farenga, Matthew Fisher, Amanda Fisher, Kathryn Flinn, Jay Forshee II, Karla Fuller, Elyse Fuller, Andrew Gall, Julie Gallagher, Amaya Garcia Costas, Richard Gardner, Julie Gaubatz, Rebecca Gehringer, J. Gibson,* Cynthia Gibson, Teresa Golden, Rebecca Gonda, Rebekka Gougis, Janice Greene, Matthew Grilliot, Laine Gurley, Sharon Gusky, Paul Guy, Abby Hafer, In-Seob Han, Joseph Harsh, Melissa Haswell, Valerie Haywood, Robert Hirsch, Cheryl Ann Hollinger, Rob Hopkins, Margaret Hudson, Karen Huffman, Barbara Hug, Jennifer Hurst-Kennedy, Jillian Inge, Philip Jensen, Sophia Jeong, Alexandra Johnson, Kostas Kampourakis, Robert Kao, Jimmy Karlan, Vedham Karpakakunjaram, William Kimler, Melissa Kjelvik, Yi Kong,* Christopher Krieg, Shawn Krosnick, Mickey Laney-Jarvis, Damaris-Lois Lang, Yevgeniya Lapik, Maia Larios-Sanz, Amy Lark, Jessica Laskowski, Cathy Lee, Daniel Levin, Isaac Ligocki, Melanie Link-Perez, Hong Long, Elgion Loreto, Steven Lysne, Diane MacWilliams, Kathy Malone,* Susan Margulis, Jill Maroo, Pamela Marshall, Rick Martin, Shana McAlexander, Kerrie McDaniel, Peggy McKay, Louise Mead, Thomas Mennella, Kelsey Metzger, Monica Mobley, Jeanelle Morgan, Elizabeth Mulligan, Holly Munro, Tami Mysliwiec, Troy Nash, Traci Ness, Daniel Ness, Eva Ogens, David Owens, Laura Palmer, Darlene Panvini, Andrew Petzold, Michael Plotkin, DorothyBelle Poli, Bernard Possidente, Christine Preston, Ralph Preszler, Houda Pruitt, Catherine Quinlan, Darrell Ray, Kimberly Regier, Karen Resendes, Vikki Rodgers, Rosemarie Rosell, David Rudge,* Wilbur Ryan, Jaime Sabel, Troy Sadler, Cassandra Saitow, Christie Sampson, Cheston Saunders, Yvette Scherer, Anita Schuchardt, Robert Seager, Alexandre Selvatti, Dominique Shimizu, Benton Shriver, John Siefert, Melissa Smith, James Smith, Cristina Sousa, Karen Stackhouse,* Isaac Stewart, Lisa Stoneman, Paul Strode, David Stronck, Milind Suraokar, Lace Svec, Ryan Tainsh, Sibel Telli, Sue Thomson, Maryellen Timmons, Stephen Traphagen, L.K. Tuominen, Philip Villani, Ron Wagler, Patricia Waller, Robert Wallon, Adam Waltzer, Peggy Ward, Deena Wassenberg,* Ginny Webb, Daniel Weber, Inge Wefes, Alexander Werth,* Peter White, Allison Wiedemeier, Cody Williams, Brad Williamson, Thomas Wilson, Michael Wiser, M. Woller-Skar, David Wollert, Jean Worsley, Morgan Yarker, Sun Mi Yun, and Jennifer Zettler.*