Every biology teacher wants to impress upon students the importance of water to life on Earth. In five units, and rich in images, this book attempts to outline the role of water in shaping the land and providing key elements for life. Through colorful satellite images, it traces impressive land formations, the power of water, and the vulnerability of water resources.

The strength of the book is its colorful satellite images, each tagged with geographic coordinates. This feature makes it easier for a teacher to link the images in the book to assignments using Google Earth. The several essays interspersed in the book do not seem to this reviewer to add to the rich images. Further, the font is gray and understated, further reinforcing the notion that the book's strongest features are its colorful photos. The images have legends that provide geographical coordinates for latitude and longitude. It would be more user friendly if the legends also included a name for the geographic location.

For teachers, it would be tremendously helpful to have an image CD enclosed that would make it easy to add the colorful images to an assignment or to slides, or to otherwise make the images accessible to a classroom full of students. As it is, it must be used only as a classroom reference book. And perhaps that is the authors' intent. As far as using this book in a classroom, I think it lends itself best to stimulating interest in the subject through visual images, followed up with further research and study. It works well as a scientific “coffee table” book.

AMANDA L. GLAZE is an Assistant Professor of Middle Grades & Secondary Science Education at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia. In addition to science teacher education, she has taught courses in biological sciences for grades 7–12 and undergraduate students over the last ten years. Her interests include evolutionary biology, science and religion, and the intersections of science and society—specifically where scientific understandings are deemed controversial by the public. Glaze holds degrees in science education from The University of Alabama and Jacksonville State University. Her address is Department of Teaching & Learning, Georgia Southern University, PO BOX 8134, Statesboro, GA 30458; e-mail: aglaze@georgiasouthern.edu.