It will be clear to our those reviewing this list that a large number of people have assisted with the journal this past year. It takes a huge team to keep the ABT train running smoothly. In 2015 we received 145 submissions and each of these articles was extensively evaluated. Once an article passes the initial editorial review, it is generally examined by three additional individuals who provide useful feedback to authors and the editorial team. Therefore, I extend my profound thanks to the 273 reviewers listed here but also to reviewing editors, Peggy Ward, Kim Murie, Kevin Bonney, Emily Weigel (who recently earned her Ph.D.!) and Assistant Editor Kathy Westrich who work with me daily to process the articles and interact with authors. Kathy has the additional responsibility of selecting the images that grace the cover of American Biology Teacher. We are also very well served by our department editors Elizabeth Cowles (Book Reviews), Remy Dou (Classroom Materials and Media) and Douglas Allchin who authors the column Sacred Bovines. Other unsung heroes of the ABT team include Managing Editor Mark Penrose, Copyeditor Richard Earles, graphic designer Michelle Finney and the team at University of California Press. In addition, starting this year I have been supported by NABT members Bill Heyborne, Jay Forshee and Katrina Kirsch who serve on the Journal Advisory Committee. We all also appreciate the support from our Executive Director Jacki Reeves-Pepin who takes a very active hand in ensuring that ABT is the high quality journal we have come to expect. No ABT “thank you” could be complete without mentioning the authors who have both volunteered to write for our journal but, usually with grace and enthusiasm, provide the revisions necessary to get articles ready for publication

Finally, while it would always be a privilege to be editor of a journal such as ABT, for me it has been a joy to serve because of the wide ranging and generous contributions from this group. Consider that more 300 people work together each year to produce nine issues of what we hope to be an enlightening, useful, engaging, and informative journal to support a vital community – biology and life science educators and their students!

The National Association of Biology Teachers would like to thank the individuals listed below for their thoughtful reviews of manuscripts submitted to the American Biology Teacher during the year 2015. It is through their efforts that ABT continues to be a valued and highly respected biology education journal.

Kemassi Abdellah, Patti Adams, Bárbara Aguiar, Adam Ahlers, Noveera Ahmed, Shazia Ahmed, David Allard, Michael Amolins, Kelsi Anderson, Beth Ansaldi, Nicole Anthony, Stacy Apazeller, Rabia Arif, Daniel Aruscavage, William Bader, Jeffrey Baker, Tara Bal, Meena Balgopal, Vikram Baliga, Maryann Barnes, Alessandra Barrera, Lloyd Barrow, Erin Baumgartner, Sarah Bennett, Craig Berg, Adam Bergeron, Karen Bernd, Kelsie Bernot, Matthew Berosik, Andrew Berry, Ileana Betancourt, Quentin Biddy, Andrea Bierema, Mark Bland, Kathryn Boes, Julie Bokor, Scott Bonar, Carol Bourke, Terry Bramschreiber, Andrew Brower, Briana Brown, Christopher Brown, Heather Brown, Julie Brown, Deanna Brunlinger, Caleb Bryce, Jill Bucher, Uriel Buitrago-Saurez, Stephen Burnett, Jennifer Butler, Bruce Calhoun, Joseph Calmer, Aylin Çam, Rita Campos, Elijah Carter, Todd Carter, Merri Lynn Casem, Melissa Caspary, Kam Ho Chan, Wen-Hua Chang, Ying-Chih Chen, Sarah Chudyk, Heidi Cian, Jennifer Clark, Joel Cohen, Lee Cohnstaedt, Robert Cooper, Sehoya Cotner, Anthony Curtis, Anthony D'Onofrio, Priya DasSarma, Shiladitya DasSarma, Darwin Daugaard, Josef De Beer, Kadir Demir, Michael DeNieu, Robert Dennison, Robert Denton, Leonard Dobens, Susan Dodge, Meredith Dorner, Mike Dorrell, John Doudna, Brian Drayton, Daniel Dreesmann, Kathryn Dugan, Kelly East, Laurie Eberhardt, Patrick Edwards, Kirk Ehmsen, Shaymaa Elhadidi, Sarah Ewing, Megan Faliero, Fardad Firooznia, Rachel Fisher, Lawrence Flammer, Christine Fleet, Kathryn Flinn, Susan Flowers, Cory Forbes, Bob Ford, Jay Forshee II, Xin Fu, Andrew Gall, Richard Gardner, Julie Gaubatz, Gretchen Geiger-Thornsberry, Cynthia Gibson, Teresa Golden, Rebecca Gonda, Christine Gray, Michelle Green, Maria Greene, Matthew Grilliot, Laine Gurley, Batool Haerian, David Hale, Gordon Hall, Tyler Hallman, John Harper, Joseph Harsh, Brian Hartman, Melissa Haswell, Valerie Haywood, William Heyborne, William Hoback, Georgia Hodges, James Holden, Sandra Horikami, Adam Hott, Margaret Hudson, Karen Huffman, Barbara Hug, George Jacob, Jamie Jensen, Philip Jensen, Sophia Jeong, Wendy Johnson, Judith Jones, Robert Kao, Lori Kayes, Erango Kellbisow, Martin Kelly, William Kimler, Janette Klein, Michele Koehler, Cory Kohn, Michele Korb, William Kroen, Ellen Lake, Neil Lamb, Mickey Laney-Jarvis, Alicja Lanfear, Damaris-Lois Lang, Maia Larios-Sanz, Amy Lark, Hillary Lauren, Sean Leugers, Daniel Levin, Jennifer Liang, Isaac Ligocki, Russell Ligon, Paige Littman, Enshan Liu, Madelene Loftin, Steven Lysne, Erika Machtinger, Elinor Madigan, Terry Maksymowych, Molly Malone, Amy Marion, Rick Martin, Scott Mateer, Sabateeshan Mathavarajah, Barbara May, Shana McAlexander, Kessler McCoy-Simandle, Peggy McKay, Lisa McKernan, Colleen McLinn, Thomas Mennella, Preetha Menon, Anneke Metz, Kelsey Metzger, Jon Miller, Julie Minbiole, Raka Mitra, Jennifer Mook, Michael Moore, Elizabeth Mulligan, Tami Mysliwiec, Rita Nahta, Troy Nash, Randi Neff, Traci Ness, Jan Ng, Phuong Nguyen, W. Jason Niedermeyer, Priscilla Nyamai, Susan Offner, Eva Ogens, Laura Palmer, Keith Pecor, Isabel Perez, Kathryn Perez, DorothyBelle Poli, Kristine Prahl, Ralph Preszler, Rebecca Price, Annie Prud'homme-Genereux, Gillian Puttick, Catherine Quinlan, Kimberly Regier, Karen Resendes, Michael Rischbieter, Marcel Robischon, Charles Rop, Rosemarie Rosell, Daniel Rouillard, Claudia Russo, Alleluiah Rutebemberwa, Xana Sa-Pinto, Jaime Sabel, Jeff Sack, Richard Deanne Sagun, Cheston Saunders, Yvette Scherer, Alexandre Selvatti, Dominique Shimizu, Soojung Shin, Jamie Shuda, Amber Siler, George Smith, James Smith, Cristina Sousa, Kathryn Spilios, Karen Stackhouse, William Stansfield, Lisa Stoneman, Paul Strode, Molly Stuhlsatz, Kelly Sturner, Susan Styer, Milind Suraokar, Cindy Surmacz, Mary Sweeney-Reeves, Dawn Tamarkin, Kim Thompson, Leeann Thornton, L.K. Tuominen, Kathy Van Hoeck, Julio Voltolini, Patricia Waller, Deena Wassenberg, Jennifer Weber, Emily Weigel, Tim Werner, Alexander Werth, David Westmoreland, Kathleen Westrich, Lisa White, Peter White, Allison Wiedemeier, Jason Wiles, Claudia Williams, Cody Williams, Brad Williamson, David Wollert, Jean Worsley, Chris Young, Laura Zangori, Jerrold Zar, Ann Zeeh, Jennifer Zettler.