I would like to offer my thanks to those individuals listed below for their thoughtful reviews of manuscripts submitted to the American Biology Teacher in 2014. My first year as editor of ABT has been both rewarding and pleasant because of the excellent work of our reviewers and because of the gracious responses from our authors and thanks to the amazing team behind the scenes that has produced a first rate and highly respected journal.

It has been my sincere pleasure to work with our managing editor Mark Penrose and copyeditor Richard Earles this year supported by the design team including Michelle Finney who does a brilliant job on our covers along with Assistant Editor Kathy Westrich who is both a reviewer but is also in charge of ABT cover art. This year we have expanded our range of commentators and in addition to publishing the thoughts of the NABT president, we regularly invite additional experts to offer their views on important topics in biology and biology education. These invited commentaries now join the wonderful pieces written by Douglas Allchin who continues to contribute his ruminations in the Sacred Bovine column. We like to feature reviews of interest to biology teachers and are lucky to have Elizabeth Cowles coordinating our book review section and Remy Dou heading up our newly- combined Teaching Materials and Media Review section. Thanks very much to Chris Mansour who has recently “retired” from his role as the teaching materials review editor.

Last, but most certainly not least, I would like to offer my thanks to reviewing editors Peggy Ward, Kim Murie, Kevin Bonney and Emily Weigel who have worked with me almost on a daily basis to process the 212 articles that were newly submitted to ABT in 2014. Each article is examined by at least three reviewers and the reviewing editors then take these comments and synthesize them into a coherent list of recommendations shared with authors who are asked to respond in a revised version of their original submission. This takes quite a bit of time for reviewers, reviewing editors and authors but, not surprisingly, the final products have been well written and compelling contributions to the literature of biology education.

I am certain that my first year as editor would not have been as pleasant and rewarding without the continuing efforts of everyone involved with ABT. I am already looking forward to 2015. Keep those manuscripts coming!

Patti Adams, Nonye Alozie, Beth Ansaldi, Stacy Apazeller, Roger Araujo-Llamas, Steven Autieri, Tara Bal, John Baldwin, Meena Balgopal, Alessandra Barrera, Lloyd Barrow, Roberta Batorsky, Erin Baumgartner, Sarah Bennett, Brent Berger, Adam Bergeron, Karen Bernd, Quentin Biddy, Ruth Bland Perry, Mark Bland, Kathryn Boes, Julie Bokor, Kevin Bonney, Carol Bourke, Terry Bramschreiber, Glenn Branch, Steven Brewer, Christopher Brown, Deanna Brunlinger, Jill Bucher, Uriel Buitrago-Saurez, Stephen Burnett, Jennifer Butler, Michael Butler, Joseph Calmer, Elijah Carter, Todd Carter, Grant Casady, james cavanagh, Ivica Ceraj, Sookyung Chang, Wen-Hua Chang, Yung-Ta Chang, James Choun, Sarah Chudyk, Eliza Cohen, Joel Cohen, Sandra Connelly, Robert Cooper, Felicia Corsaro-Barbieri, Lyn Countryman, Anthony Curtis, Kaveh Daneshvar, Houda Darwiche, Priya DasSarma, Elizabeth de los Santos, Michael DeNieu, Robert Dennison, Robert Denton, Susan Dodge, Meredith Dorner, John Doudna, Brian Drayton, Daniel Dreesmann, Kathryn Dugan, Steven Dyche, Megan Faliero, Lawrence Flammer, Kathryn Flinn, Susan Flowers, Elyse Fuller, Andrew Gall, Rebecca Garcia, Julie Gaubatz, Cynthia Gibson, Teresa Golden, Rebecca Gonda, Harold Grau, Christine Gray, Michelle Green, Janice Greene, Matthew Grilliot, Laine Gurley, Sharon Gusky, Esme Hacieminoglu, Abby Hafer, Sarah Haines, David Hale, Tyler Hallman, Paul Hanson, Sig Harden, Janet Hart, Krissi Hewitt, William Heyborne, Hannah Hicks, Michael Hicks, William Hoback, Jay Hodgson, James Holden, Matthew Holding, Cheryl Ann Hollinger, Rob Hopkins, Sandra Horikami, Ava Howard, Tina Hubler, Kristin Hudlow, Margaret Hudson, William Hughes, Yasoma Hulathduwa, Faiza Ilias, Judith Jones, Drew Joseph, Kostas Kampourakis, Alla Keselman, Jim Kessler, Erica Kipp, Melissa Kjelvik, Janette Klein, Stacy Knetter, Michele Korb, Melissa Kosinski-Collins, Ellen Lake, Evan Lampert, Mickey Laney-Jarvis, Amy Lark, Jessica Laskowski, Jennifer Liang, Russell Ligon, Debra Linton, Marc Lockett, Madelene Loftin, Karen Lucci, Margaret Lucero, Andrew Lyman-Buttler, Steven Lysne, Erika Machtinger, Elinor Madigan, Jessica Mahoney, Terry Maksymowych, Douglas Mandt, Mary Beth Manjerovic, Jill Maroo, Pamela Marshall, Scott Mateer, Barbara May, Shana McAlexander, Lisa McKernan, Jacqueline McLaughlin, Colleen McLinn, Darcy Medica, Thomas Mennella, Preetha Menon, Anneke Metz, Jon Miller, Monica Mobley, Anna Monfils, Jennifer Mook, Randy Moore, Jeanelle Morgan, James Morris, Kimberly Murie, Tami Mysliwiec, Louis Nadelson, Paul Narguizian, Troy Nash, Traci Ness, Phuong Nguyen, Michael O’Donnell, Sue Offner, Elizabeth Paine, Laura Palmer, Keith Pecor, Patsye Peebles, Helen Pigage, DorothyBelle Poli, Ralph Preszler, Rebecca Price, Gillian Puttick, Catherine Quinlan, Karen Resendes, Judith Ridgway, Michael Rischbieter, Marcel Robischon, Chris Romero, Daniel Rouillard, Jeff Sack, Cheston Saunders, Judith Scheppler, Yvette Scherer, Elizabeth Schultheis, Robert Seager, Amanda Serafini, Jamie Shuda, Marcelle Siegel, Mamta Singh, Jerry Skoog, Mike Smith, Dave Smullin, Cristina Sousa, Shane Stanley, William Stansfield, Scott Stein, Sarah Stockwell, David Stronck, Molly Stuhlsatz, Kelly Sturner, Gerald Summers, Cindy Surmacz, Tomomi Suwa, Vareishang Tangpu, John Taylor, Kathy Van Hoeck, Rebecca Van Tassell, Janet Vigna, Peggy Ward, Patricia Waller, Deena Wassenberg, Jillian Waters, Inge Wefes, Emily Weigel, Tim Werner, Alexander Werth, David Westmoreland, Kathleen Westrich, Lisa White, Simon Whittaker, Jason Wiles, Cody Williams, Brad Williamson, Bill Winckelmann, David Wollert, Jean Worsley, Wan-Jin Xing, Suann Yang, Mary Katherine Zanin, Ann Zeeh.