Meet the Planets introduces children to the planets and some of their basic traits. It begins with the "host" Pluto telling the reader that there will be a competition to see which one will be named favorite planet. It then goes on to introduce each of the planets. For example, Jupiter is introduced by saying "There's no rocky surface on this planet – he's all gas. But with a surface temperature of –235° Fahrenheit (–150° Celsius), he's not blowing hot air." Then there is Mars: "If he looks a little red-faced, that's because his iron-rich soil gives him a red rusty color." John McGranaghan does a wonderful job of creating a unique way to learn about the planets. Children will be drawn into the cute story while at the same time learning fun-filled facts about the planets. Elementary school teachers will find the resources for this book exceptional. They incorporate math and science in a way that will teach while the students have fun.

As a teacher and mother to two young children, I see the value of this book both in the classroom and at home. It makes learning about the planets fun. Laurie Allen Klein's illustrations are a wonderful complement to the text. There are so many details in the illustrations that children will spend quite a bit of time studying them. McGranaghan's unique presentation makes a somewhat dry topic fun and interesting.