This National Geographic for Kids book contains 20 science projects and experiments that students can use for science fairs or just to satisfy their own curiosity about science. These experiments cover many topics, including psychology, sociology, health, genetics, and biology in general. Detailed instructions are given for each, including amount of time needed, the science covered in the experiment, the science concept, and adult involvement needed. There are a lot of definitions and clarifications for the words that may not really be understood by younger students. The book also relates experiments to similar work conducted by scientists in the field. Furthermore, the book gives the student things to consider during the experiment and ways to present the information.

This book would be great for students to use for science fair projects. It has many interesting and useful aspects, contains a plethora of scientific information, and teaches good observing and analyzing skills. It covers many different topics and uses a lot of bright, appealing colors and graphics. The experiments are based on use in a science fair, but they could be adapted and used in the classroom. One example is the tasting of PTC paper, which is workshop 7 in the book. It could easily be adapted for classroom use in grades 7 through 10.