I wrote a rap song to explain the process of photosynthesis to my students.

I had a student who said he could remember photosynthesis if it ‘‘rhymed.’’ That was my inspiration for this Quick Fix.

This photosynthesis starts with light.

  It gets absorbed, but not at night.

Chlorophyll and friends take it in.

  And that is how it all begins.

The thylakoid membrane is the place

  where it all happens at a fast pace.

Electrons gain energy in photosystem two

  and pass it on to green, not blue.

As electrons travel the transport train

  energy is used so protons remain.

Then there comes photosystem one.

  Why after two? That is so dumb!

Electrons are jumping from ‘‘a’’ here too,

  But they are replaced to continue through.

Photosystem one starts a new chain.

  It's somewhere else on the membrane.

NADP does not feel sweet.

  It needs an ‘‘H’’ to be complete.

There are electrons that provide the ‘‘H.’’

  They come from the stroma —— that's the place.

Replacing ‘‘H’’ from water helps us survive

  by giving off oxygen so we stay alive.

Not done yet? How can that be?

  Cause chemiosmosis you gotta see!

Protons in the thylakoid just can't wait

  to use osmosis to reach a steady state.

Their movement gives energy for ADP

  to add a phosphate –– now there are three!

This is the energy all plants need

  so photosynthesis can proceed.

What, all this, and no sugar yet?

  There are more steps –– don't forget!

Carbon dioxide has been taken in.

  Let's fix it up –– let Calvin begin!

Round and round the carbons go ––

  where they end up, you should know!

They make the sugar and other things.

  And ‘‘O' for us to breathe it brings.

The important gas is carbon ‘‘D.’’

  Temperature, light, water are an important three.

No excuses now –– I made it rhyme

  so you'll all get an ‘‘A1’’ this time